Book Review: Cable Left, Cable Right

 Cable Left, Cable Right: 94 Knitted Cables
by Judith Durant



Knitted cables, with their three-dimensional twists and turns, are a common element in lots of patterns — but most patterns don’t include directions for executing them. Cable Left, Cable Right, by expert knitter Judith Durant, eliminates the mystery with detailed, in-depth instructions for creating 94 different styles of cable, from perfectly plain to fantastically fancy. Close-up photos and clear instructions teach you the techniques you need, including design options like braids, diamonds, and pretzels so you can make your cables truly one-of-a-kind. This book is the perfect companion to any knitting pattern featuring cables, giving you the information and skills to make polished, beautiful, and unique cables for any project.

My Review

**QUICK INFO: I do my best not to have spoilers, but I will warn you I may accidentally have them in my review.**

When I saw that this book was going to be published I was almost jumping for joy. I have previously gotten Increase, Decrease: 99 Step-by-Step Methods by Judith Durant & love it. It is carried in my knitting bag with just about every project I make. Since this one is in ebook format it has now become a permanent resident in my books folder on my phone & tablet.

I love the way that Judith Durant explains how to do cables. I have knitted cables before, but still struggle with them quite a bit. Even though the book does not have complete written out directions, Judith Durant takes the time before even starting the cables to make sure you understand how to read the charts for each cable. She also lists the cable legends in a easy to read & understand format. You can easily flip back to the legend anytime you need to double check how to make that cable or what that symbol means. I recommend this book for any knitter (new & experienced alike) to keep in their knitting library for different types of cables. Though this book does not have every single cable imagined in it, the ones it does have are a wonderful stepping stone to other cables.

I received this book from Net Gallery for this review.

Jimmy Beans Wool Big Beanie Bag 05-16

As I was surfing Facebook one day I came across a ad for Jimmy Beans Wool Big Beanie Bag. I thought that would be interesting but I had seen the cost of other yarn monthly subscriptions & automatically figured that it would be too expensive. So I skipped it & moved on down my feed. The problem? It kept showing up. So I decided to check it out. For $25 per month you get enough yarn for the pattern & notions along with a wonderful project bag. I thought what the heck, & ordered one. I am so happy I did. The first bag has pretty much sold me. I love the surprise of that you don’t know what your getting but at the same time you are not getting a whole skein of yarn that you may not like. It is perfect for me.

  This is the project bag. I love that it is a simple drawstring without a lot of fancy smanchy looks. I love the tips for knitting on the back of the bag. the bag is big enough for socks, lace shawl, or lace blanket this size bag is the […] Continue Reading…

Tip Time: Bras!

OK, I am a big, heavy busted female. I hate bras, they are one of the worse things women have to wear, in my opinion. Yes, I have been fitted. Yes, I am wearing my correct size. Yes, I have tried every single type of bra they make. Trust me, that was very interesting. Strapless is not suited for me at all! So what is my tip?

I wear a 46DD get your mind out of the gutter people. I am NOT blessed with DD cups. They are horrible & very heavy. Every time I wear my bra the buckle slides down the strap & by the end of the day it is where it is at in the photo. Hmm…not very good for when you are trying for support. So how did I fix this problem??? I realize that someone out there in the wide world has this tip & is thinking I am crazy for posting a entire post about it. Guess what? My blog, my content, lol. It is really simple & invisible if using the same color thread as your bra strap. If you can handle a sewing needle then you can do this. […] Continue Reading…

In The Year….2015

Did you get the song reference?1 I wanna know that I am not the only one that knows this song, lol.

So I thought I would do a year in review this year since so much has happened to me. I don’t know that you will be that interested or that it will be that interesting, lol. But figured that I needed to or should do it. This is going to be a long post (though honestly I think all my posts are long, lol). So bear with me.

I am currently sitting in my bed writing this out the “old-fashioned” way by pen & paper. No telling how many revisions it will go through as I type it into the site, lol. Who knows it probably won’t be anywhere near the same by the time it goes live on the site, lol. Hence, why I normally just type my entries on the fly instead of writing them out. But I am downstairs & my computer is upstairs. Plus, I hate using my computer in my bed cause I try to keep my bed my reading, watching tv, & most importantly sleeping area only. But alas, I am getting off point […] Continue Reading…

Las Vegas – November 2015

This blog entry is gong through my vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada on November 23, 2015 through November30, 2015. I am going with my Father & Step-Mother.

!!WARNING!!: This post is very photo intense. Please be patient in letting it load.

November 23, 2015 at 7:35pm:
So I am sitting in the Kansas City Airport typing this entry. This is the first time I have ever been on a plane. To say that I am scared & anxious is a minor thing. If you have read most of what I write you know that I suffer from severe agoraphobia (fear of the open market, i.e. crowds & loud noises), panic disorder, & social anxiety disorder. If you agree that all this makes it very hard for me to leave my house you would be correct. Hence, why I go to my father’s office every weekday. Plus, that is why I live with him & my stepmother. So this trip is a HUGE deal for me. I really want to go to London sometime in my life. I have never been on a plane & agree with my father that I need to have a few domestic flights under my belt so […] Continue Reading…

BLOG CHALLENGE #12: What do you think you are most misunderstood for?

I am most misunderstood for my mental issues. Everyone that doesn’t know me or understand the illness (which is most people) automatically think I am a danger to them & society. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am not a danger to anyone. Yes, I have grand mal seizures, but does that make me dangerous? Nope, not in the least. I do not seem very social but that is because of my Agoraphobia. Again that doesn’t make me dangerous. I am tired of seeing parents & people look at me like I am going to whip out a gun & start a shooting spree. Yes, I don’t like being in crowded places, they make me think I am going crazy, but I don’t own a gun nor am I ever inclined to shoot anything. Hell, I can’t even kill a bloody mouse that was in my house & didn’t get killed in the trap. Know what I did? I took it to my father & he killed it. Same with the bloody snake I found in my bed. Did I kill it? Nope, took it outside & released it back into the woods. Now does […] Continue Reading…

My WoW Characters

Thanks to Jessica, Grace, Katherine, & Zeb I have gotten hooked on World Of Warcraft (WoW). I played the free version off & on for the last few years, but never bought the game. Jessica & Grace kept on about how fun it was & so I decided to give it another try. This time I had help figuring out what I was supposed to do & how to do it. After about two (2) weeks of solid playing I noticed that there was a sale on the base game for $10. I snapped it up & got a monthly subscription to the game.

I do not consider myself to be a hard core WoW player. I mostly just do the quests & level up. I rarely play with anyone unless Jessica or Grace are running me through dungeons. They are both high level & I am a measly 40 level (at the time of typing this) so they can one shot everything & I don’t die, lol.

My Characters

You can click on the pictures for larger views

This is Kinthua or Kinthy for short. She is a Pandarian Hunter. She normally runs with a tiger pet named […] Continue Reading…

BLOG CHALLENGE #11:Describe what your biggest fear is and why.

My biggest fear (I, honestly, have several) is a multiple of fears, but I will talk about one of the main ones.

Fear of the Pitch Black

When I was about six (6) months old, I got really sick. Mom took me to the doctor & he gave me penicillin for the illness. Mom was very careful about what she gave me so she only gave me a half of the dose. She said that I started screaming at everyone. Any hands or movements scared me to death. Mom took me back to the doctor & he told her that it was a severe reaction & that if she had given me the full dose I might have died. So no more penicillin or any version of it for me.

Since then, if I am in a pitch black room or place I constantly see all kinds of hands (both human & monster) reaching for me out of the dark. I know that it is nothing, & sometimes can ignore it but with my anxiety disorder my mind takes off running with the fear. Hence, there is always nightlights in my house & my bedroom […] Continue Reading…

Gaming Part 2

This is a two (2) part blog post. This is the second one & the first one is here.

People I Watch

When I go to the office with Dad (almost every single day) I get to sit, greet clients, knit, & watch youtube or movies. So these are the youtube players that I watch all the time. I highly recommend you give them a try.

Vintage Beef

I have about 50 subscriptions to different Youtube accounts of ones that I watch every now & then, but those six (6) are the main ones I watch every time there is a new video out.

This one has been recommended by Katherine as one to watch. I haven’t gotten into watching him yet, but so far he sounds like it is going to be good.


My Play Style

Since I never grew up playing games (at least this is why I believe I am this way) I never learned to play with others in video games. Hence, why I do not join public servers or normally […] Continue Reading…

Gaming Pt. 1

This is a two (2) part blog post. This is the first one & the second one here.

Yeah, I do play games. Do I call myself a gamer? Nope, I don’t. I am very picky about my games & rarely spend any money on them. Basically, if I don’t get a free trial then I don’t play it most of the time. The one main time it was different was Minecraft. The two main games I play are Minecraft & World of Warcraft (WOW). Minecraft I paid for back when it was in Beta. WOW I only play the trail version. I just can’t bring myself, on my limited budget, to purchase the game & a monthly subscription.

I used to play the Sims. I was completely addicted to it. Even though it took the game a hour (a hour!) to load on my computer at the time. Then one day for some reason I took the time to total up the entire cost of the games & it floored me. I had spent over $2000 on the games & for what? Yes, I bought Sims 4 & the first expansion. Played it for a month & uninstalled it. It […] Continue Reading…

Is It Rude To Knit In Public

I came across this article via my twitter feed.

Is it rude to knit in public? – HowStuffWorks
— WEBS Yarn Store (@websyarn) July 27, 2015

So I went to the article {here} & read the article. Needless to say, it riled me just a bit.

Well, you all know that I am a knitter. I do it for multiple reasons. The main one? It helps control my anxiety & panic attacks. That means I can leave my house & go into public without a lot of panic attacks. Yes, I take medication for my anxiety, but I automatically have a “flight or fight” response to any outside stimuli (crowds, loud noises, etc). For crying out loud, if I sit directly underneath a speaker at the movie theater I can have a panic attack1. So even though my medication allows me to actually get myself out the door most mornings, I still have anxiety attacks with any other stimuli. It is a horrible mental condition to have & it isn’t made easier by the general public. Some people when they see you are having a problem will actually make it worse even when you have […] Continue Reading…