Book Review: Slipper

Title: Slipper
Author: Hester Velmans

Her life is the inspiration for the world’s most famous story.

Lucinda, a penniless English orphan, is abused and exploited as a cinder-sweep by her aristocratic relatives. On receiving her sole inheritance—a pair of glass-beaded slippers—she runs away to France in pursuit of an officer on whom she has a big crush. She joins the baggage train of Louis XIV’s army, and eventually finds her way to Paris. There she befriends the man who will some day write the world’s most famous fairy tale, Charles Perrault, and tells him her life story.

There is more: a witch hunt, the sorry truth about daydreams, and some truly astonishing revelations, such as the historical facts behind the story of the Emperor’s new clothes, and a perfectly reasonable explanation for the compulsion some young women have to kiss frogs.

This is not the fairy tale you remember.

My Review

This is definitely not the fairy tale you know or remember. Though I can see the fairy tale within the story, this one is so far flung out there that you have to really have to think hard to remember this is supposedly the true story of Cinderella. Though like with all historical fiction I take the story with a grain of salt. You honestly don’t know if this is how the actual story went or if it was all in the author’s head. Both this one & the fairy tale one.

I gave this four (4) out of five (5) stars due to the fact that I think Lucinda and some of the other characters could have been “fleshed out” a bit better. The story line is good & engaging so there was no issue there, but to me there were holes that needed to be filled. I just disbelieve the nativity of Lucinda also. After everything she went through in the very beginning of her life before running after her love she should have realized what was eventually gonna happen. I am sorry, but I just fail to see her being that dumb.

This book is a good quick read of a decent story line but I don’t think I will look into the other books by the author. It is a good book & decent story line, but not anywhere what I expected or did not expect. I hate giving poor reviews on a author’s hard work and to someone else they may love the book. I was just not thrilled with it.


I received this book from Net Galley for this review.

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