Giveaway Information

So I have started to give away my knitting projects. Since the first one with off without an hitch, I thought I would stop some issues from happening.

  1. You are getting something for free (no paying for supplies, labor, or shipping). Remember that.

  2. I am not doing this to get more readers or comments.

  3. The yarn, color, & pattern are my choosing. I may ask for suggestions, but it will end with my choice.

  4. The first time I have someone complaining about the choosing of the winner will more likely be the last giveaway I offer.

  5. I do not play favorites nor do I choose the winner. All winners are chosen either by or Rafflecopter.

  6. Yes, most of the yarn will be acrylic because that is what is in my stash & what I choose to knit with. There will be some giveaways that will not be acrylic, but again this is my choice. All yarn will pass my sensitive skin inspection (i.e. very soft, smooth, & non-irritating).

  7. You can enter each giveaway, but I would honestly prefer that you wait at least 30 days between them. Providing that there is 30 days between them, lol.

  8. I reserve the right to end or stop any giveaway at any time.

  9. I reserve the right to change the project given away at any time.

  10. If you win the giveaway you have three (3) days to answer the email I send you. After three (3) days I have the choice of either cancelling the giveaway or choosing another winner.

I believe that covers most everything. Please, remember that I am doing this our of the goodness of my heart & the simple fact that I will knit no matter what & need someplace to give the projects away.

If I have given something away & you did not win it, but would like to have one, then feel free to email me to discuss the making of one for you.

Past Winners