Book Review: Dark Queen Rising

Title: Dark Queen Rising
Author: Paul Doherty

First in a brand-new historical mystery series featuring Margaret Beaufort, mother of King Henry VII and matriarch of the Tudor dynasty.

May, 1471. The Wars of the Roses are reaching their bitter and bloody climax. Edward of York has claimed the English throne, and his supporters are extracting a savage revenge on all who supported the Lancastrian cause. Surrounded by enemies wherever she turns, the position of Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and mother to Henry Tudor, the last remaining hope of the House of Lancaster, is precarious to say the least.

Determined to protect her son whatever it takes, Margaret must rely on her sharp-witted clerk Christopher Ulswicke to be her eyes and ears. When four bodies are discovered in a London tavern, their throats slit, and Margaret herself is suspected of being behind the crime, it’s up to Ulswicke to prove his mistress’s innocence and unmask the real killer.

My Review

You want double crossing, intrigue, cunning, & murder? Then throw in the turmoil of the war in England of the War of Roses & you get a book full of intrigue, murder, & double agents. The story line, to me, is a bit chopppy & a bit hard to read. This book had a hard time keeping my attention span and that is why a star was knocked off it. Though I felt the author knew the history and the characters, it just didn’t seem to flow together until the very end. Once the story line started flowing then the book was quite entertaining, though still hard to keep my attention span on it.

If you like this time in history give the book a try. I do not regret reading it, but I would not have picked it up in the store.


I received this book from Net Galley for this review.

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