Custom Orders

I will make custom orders in my knitting & crochet. Understand that I would prefer about a month’s notice before the item is needed.

How it works?

You fill out the order form telling me what you would like. I will reply back to you with more information that I will need (color, yarn type, etc). Once you have told me that I will shop for the supplies & send you the price of the project in total (supplies & labor) & once the supply cost has been paid via Paypal then I will order the supplies & start work. Once I have completed the projects (of which you will be able to watch the progress via a special gallery here or on Facebook) this way you can see photos of how your project is coming along.

I do ask that you have an idea of what you want before you fill out the order form. I do not mind you changing your mind while I am waiting for supplies but reserve the right to refuse a change once I have started the project. For example: You decide that you want me to make you the Vanilla is the New Black socks by Anneh Fletcher. Ok, then you change your mind & decide that you want the Basic Ribbed Socks by Kate Atherley. Since they both take the same amount of yarn the cost wouldn’t change but once I have started the socks, there is no changing unless it is very very close to the beginning of the project. In the case of socks before I have finished the toe which is usually one day. I reserve the right to refuse the change & you can decide if you want the original project or re-work the contract for the new project if there is a cost change.

The orders will be completed as I receive the supply payments. The supply payment (the cost of the yarn, beads, zippers, etc.) is due upon agreed price & non-refundable once I have bought the supplies. Once I have completed the order I will send you an invoice for the remainder of the agreed price. Once I have received that I will mail the project. Once the price has been agreed upon there will be no change in the cost.

Time Frames

These time frames will depend on what is already been ordered, how long it will take me to receive payment for supplies & the receiving the supplies. I will make the custom orders up as I receive the supply payments.

  • Blankets: approx one (1) to three (3) months depending on the size
  • Socks: approx two (2) weeks
  • Dishcloths: approx one (1) week
  • Hats: approx one (1) week
  • Fingerless mitts, gloves, mittens: approx three (3) weeks

Where to find ideas etc.

I recommend Pinterest & Ravelry for ideas. If you have a basic idea of what you want it to look like I do not mind finding examples to show you.