2018 in Review

So I thought I would go back over my goals for 2018 & see how I did. I did a quick look last night before typing this up & it didn’t look too horrible but I didn’t meet all of them. I never really thought I would though. So shall we see how I did?

1.) Do at least one book review a week (since I can read 4-5 books a week it shouldn’t be that hard).

I failed at this when my depression hit a hard time. I was doing fairly good at it. I may not have gotten one done a week but it averaged out to about one a week when I was managing to write them up. Oh, I never stopped reading. I


read. I just stopped being able to write up my thoughts on the books I read.

2.) Complete at least one blog post a month (I am not pushing myself on this)

I really failed on this. I don’t consider my book reviews as blog posts so I didn’t count those. Again I blame my depression & the fact I, honestly, do not believe my life & my activities all that interesting to anyone. No one wants to listen to me complain about my depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, step-mother, & the other various issues in my life

3.) Go to Branson, MO on vacation for 2 nights by myself (hoping for this in Janurary 2018)

Well, I over achieved this one. I actually went to Las Vegas, NV all by myself in September. I took a flight, a taxi from the airport, checked into a hotel, gambled (won over $1500 & lost it all), used Lyft (even D & B have never used Lyft or Uber), & managed credit card issues by myself without having a complete break down. Only had to call Dad once to calm myself down. So yeah, this one I went above & beyond the goal.

4.) Finish paying off my credit card

Oh this was funny of me to actually think I would get this done. I make a whopping $730 a month which $500 of that goes towards rent. Yep, didn’t happen.

5.) With said paid off credit card go to California to visit Jessica at Oceanside for a few days.

This didn’t happen either. Didn’t get the credit card paid off and so this never could happen. It was a long shot & I knew that when I made it a goal.

6.) Start to pay off said credit card once again.

See number 4.

7.) Complete the CAL/KAL that Jessica & I are doing this year.

I actually completed this. I designed 10 knitted blocks. I also crocheted the 10 blocks that Jessica designed. Put them all together and made a blanket. I am so proud of myself for this. It was my first time designing knitting patterns.

8.) Complete a year of knitting & crocheting things for me & not everyone else (i.e. finish my cardigan, make me at least 4 pairs of socks, & finish my Sophie

Wwwwwweeeeellllll, I failed this one big time. Once again, I don’t think I made myself a single thing this year, lol. That is normal for me though. I did work on my cardigan while I was in Vegas, but I didn’t complete it. I spent most of my year working on Mish Mash KAL/CAL.

9.) Finally pull myself out of this damn well of depression I have been in for the last year (don’t know how well that is going to go but I am trying)

I had good times & bad times with my depression & anxiety this year. The holidays are always very hard on me. I hate the holidays & always hope to not hit the depression brick wall at the end of October but I always do. I look at it this way. I have survived and I remain alive so it is a win in my book. It will always be a constant battle with those two things for me.

So that is my year in review. I didn’t succeed in all my goals but I never do. I don’t ever expect to succeed at all my goal, but I do try. I will be typing up my goals for 2019 in a few days to have up.

Changes, maybe?

So WordPress decided to change the entire way it works. So I am thinking I may try to work on a new theme for the site & may even work on the galleries. I am not promising anything though. I am still struggling with getting my depression under control so I am not making any process.

I am working on a post about my plans for 2019 & how I did for my 2018 plans (which I can pretty much say I failed, lol). We will see if I can manage that or not. 

Mish Mash 2018 February Square – Woodland Stitch

This month’s square is a texture square. It is the start of the easy to hard squares. By the time this year finishes you will have made squares that contain texture, color work, lace, cables, & a few other things! I promise I will make it 100% easy for you to understand.

This month’s square is a simple textured square. May I introduce you to Woodland Stitch Square:

This is a simple square of knits & purls. If you do not know how to knit then I suggest going to knittinghelp.com or go to youtube.

I am able to answer any questions you have about this pattern. Feel free to email me at tigerwhispers@gmail.com or contacting me via Ravelry (username: Hev).

You can download this wonderful pattern at my ravelry store {http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/woodland-stitch}.