Book Review: The Romanov Empress

Title: The Romanov Empress
Author: C.W. Gortner
Book Description:

For readers of Philippa Gregory and Alison Weir comes a dramatic novel of the beloved Empress Maria, the Danish girl who became the mother of the last Russian tsar.

Even from behind the throne, a woman can rule.

Narrated by the mother of Russia’s last tsar, this vivid, historically authentic novel brings to life the courageous story of Maria Feodorovna, one of Imperial Russia’s most compelling women, who witnessed the splendor and tragic downfall of the Romanovs as she fought to save her dynasty in its final years.

Barely nineteen, Minnie knows that her station in life as a Danish princess is to leave her family and enter into a royal marriage—as her older sister Alix has done, moving to England to wed Queen Victoria’s eldest son. The winds of fortune bring Minnie to Russia, where she marries the Romanov heir, Alexander, and once he ascends the throne, becomes empress. When resistance to his reign strikes at the heart of her family and the tsar sets out to crush all who oppose him, Minnie—now called Maria—must tread a perilous path of compromise in a country she has come to love.

Her husband’s death leaves their son Nicholas as the inexperienced ruler of a deeply divided and crumbling empire. Determined to guide him to reforms that will bring Russia into the modern age, Maria faces implacable opposition from Nicholas’s strong-willed wife, Alexandra, whose fervor has led her into a disturbing relationship with a mystic named Rasputin. As the unstoppable wave of revolution rises anew to engulf Russia, Maria will face her most dangerous challenge and her greatest heartache.

From the opulent palaces of St. Petersburg and the intrigue-laced salons of the aristocracy to the World War I battlefields and the bloodied countryside occupied by the Bolsheviks, C. W. Gortner sweeps us into the anarchic fall of an empire and the complex, bold heart of the woman who tried to save it.

My Review

Amazing, enthralling, captivating, those don’t even cover this book. You wanna read about the Romanovs then this is your fiction book. It was so hard to put down. Every time you think you have reached a lull in the story line suitable to take a break you get slammed with a twist that makes you “read another chapter”. It is an amazing book like this.

If you like Alison Weir, Philippa Gregory, or Jean Plaidy then this author is for you! I love historical fiction so this book was right up my style. It is engrossing & even though it is fiction it gives you a female’s point of view. The strength of that woman, the loves she lost & gained. Through everything though she remained loyal to family & Russia.

Though I agree that since this is fiction that this is not how & what happened, but the way it is written you could believe that it did happen this way. With just one decision Russia was lost or gained by the powers that be. This book is a great read and I highly suggest you get it. You will not be disappointed.


I received this book from Net Galley for this review.

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