Book Review: Terra Nova

Title: Terra Nova

Author: Shane Arbuthnott


Book Description:

The city of Terra Nova was founded on a lie: that the spirits who cross over from the spirit world are evil and must be captured for the safety of humanity. But Molly Stout and her family have learned that the spirits are thinking, feeling beings, enslaved to enrich the wealthy, especially the spirit-harvesting company Haviland Industries and its founder, Charles Arkwright.

With the help of her family and the aetheric spirits Ariel and Legerdemain, Molly has been fighting to free the spirits. But Terra Nova runs on spiritual machinery, and for each factory they shut down, another takes its place. As Haviland Industries and the authorities of Terra Nova tighten their nets around Molly, she begins to question whether she is really making any difference or if her rebellion puts people and spirits at risk.

Terra Nova is the sequel to Dominion.

My Review

This book is the sequel to Dominion (see my review here Book Review: Dominion).

Most of the times with young adult books I find the sequel does not do justice to the story line. I was completely wrong this time. If anything this book was better then Dominion. The action packed scenes just kept pulling you into the story and making you continue to read the book. I finished this book in one night cause there was no way I was putting it down without seeing what happens to Molly and all her new friends. Plus she finds out even more things about the fonts and the world beyond the fonts.

You have got to read this series even if you are an adult. It is written well enough to keep you engaged and happy with the decision.

I received this book from Net Galley for this review.

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