Book Review: Plum Dandy Knits

Title: Plum Dandy Knits
Author: Alicia Plummer, Melissa Schaschwary

Book Description:

Polished knits. Plush yarns. Perfect match.

Sometimes nature’s most beautiful details are the perfect inspiration for creating simple yet luxurious knits. In Plum Dandi Knits, Alicia Plummer and Melissa Schaschwary–designers, friends, and leaders of the much-love Plum Dandi group on Ravelry–bring you 23 projects that reflect and react to the natural world with a sumptuous twist of plush fibers, feminine accents, and stylish comfort.

Lace that mimics soft forest foliage or the numerous tassels of a pine tree. Textured patterns that call to mind a babbling brook or waterfall. Thick wool shawls and sweaters knit in anticipation of blustery cold days ahead. The uncomplicated pieces in this collection, knit in soft, luxe yarns, are soothing complements to slowing down and settling into peaceful moments. Wherever you seek stillness and calm, Plum Dandi Knits will help take you there.

My Review

I don’t normally review knitting books that I have never knit from, but saw this one & thought I would check it out. It has quite a range of knitting items that already have given me several ideas of things to knit. You have leg warmers, cardigans, cowls, socks, shawls, finger-less mitts (you can never have enough of those), headbands, sweaters, scarves, etc. The patterns are easy to understand & the charts are simple to follow. I wouldn’t put these patterns for a complete beginner but I think if you know the basics you would be able to make any of these patterns. The only thing I would have liked to see would have been a few more plus size items, but I am not disappointed in the book in any way.

I would check the book out and read it. I like the patterns, just not the colors she used in them all. But like all good patterns you can change the color of the yarn.

I received this book from Net Galley for this review.

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