Book Review: Manacle

Title: Manacle
Author: Chris Aslan
Book Description:

“I hear the clatter of swords and torches outside the cave as the soldiers come for me. In a moment their faces will relax when they see a skinny, outnumbered boy.

They don’t realise how dangerous I am. That I have monsters inside me.

I want to shout out and warn them to run, but I can’t. And then the violence begins…”

What if your body was not your own? What if you had vast strength, but were used as a weapon? A gripping story about the power of possession, and the power of freedom.

My Review

This book was not what I was expecting. I expected a book that would be a mild horror but I got a novel with Christian religiousness tones in the story line. Though Chris Aslan never mentions them by the names most people know them by you have no problems figuring out who they are. By what happens to “the master” tells you exactly who and what they are.

The characters are all well written and well designed. Though to be honest, I wasn’t sure if Phin was a boy or a girl at first. The distinction between the two religions is well defined so that you knew who followed “the master” and the others. Chris Aslan made it very clear the division and dislike that each group had for the other.

Chris Aslan made it very clear what would happen in the end for Phin, which is a bit surprising for an author in my opinion. While at the same time not surprising due to the differences between the two religious groups. Phin did what “the master” wanted him to do so in that wan it worked out.

The book is very good and I do recommend reading it. If I had realized the “religious” aspect of it then I do not know if I would have read it. I was expecting a bit more of a book with a man possessed with spirits and eventually fights them out of him and having people try to use him for bad or good. In a way this is what the book is about, but I just was not expecting it to go the way it did. The book just did not go the way the description leads you to think it would. Though the book is well written and engaging I just was not happy with it.


I received this book from Net Galley for this review.

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