Book Review: Her Husband’s Grave

Title: Her Husband’s Grave
Author: P L Kane

Criminal psychologist Robyn Adams is at breaking point after a previous case resulted in an attempt on her own life. But as she sits in the car about to head home, her phone rings. It’s Robyn’s cousin, Vicky Carter, who she hasn’t seen or heard from in years.

Vicky’s voice cracks down the phone. Her husband, Simon, has been found buried on Golden Sands beach. Desperate to help and determined not to let her last case get the better of her, Robyn returns to the coastal village where she spent summers with Vicky as a child.

Robyn knows that she has let Vicky down in the past and is set on making up for lost time. Throwing herself into the case, she combs through evidence, intent on discovering a lead that will help the local police.

But there is clearly someone who wants Robyn gone. She is convinced someone is watching her and when she begins to receive threatening notes, Robyn knows that she could be risking her life…

But Robyn won’t leave again – she owes it to Vicky to stay.

My Review

This book was an interesting read to be sure. In the start I thought it was quite a bit like William Graham & Hannibal Lector in the tv series Hannibal but it went completely away from that feeling. The characters were well written & the story line followed the character development.

I loved how the heroine, Robyn Adams, is completely damaged & is trying to heal and not let anyone know how damaged she is. Yet she comes to the call of family and does her best even when Vicky (her cousin) finds out the dark secret that Robyn holds. Even then she continues to push her limits of what she can mentally and emotionally handle just to find the culprit of the murder of Vicky’s husband.

With the local law enforcement against her, her mental and emotional status Robyn Adams is a kick butt woman that goes after her suspect with an undying drive. I recommend this book even if you do not normally enjoy this genre of book.


I received this book from Net Galley for this review.

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