Book Review: For Castle & Crown

Title: For Castle & Crown
Author: Sian Ann Bessey

Book Description:

After years spent fighting alongside King Richard in the crusades, Lord Edmund of Hawksford is finally returning to his ancestral home. But far from a joyful reunion, what awaits him is devastation. His elder brother is dead, killed in a tragic fire at Hawksford Castle—and the title of duke now falls to Edmund.

When he strives to rebuild the fire-scarred castle, Edmund learns that his was not the only life the fire shattered: his childhood friend Lady Phillipa survived the flames that took Edmund’s brother, but badly burned, she has hidden herself away from those she loves. Yet as the pair renews their acquaintance, they find that their affection runs deep—perhaps even deeper than they’d ever realized.

As Edmund and Pippa begin to question whether the fire was truly an accident, they must discover the truth of the past before they can plan for their future. While coming perilously close to the answers they seek, Edmund and Pippa find themselves at the mercy of a dangerous foe who will stop at nothing to lay claim on Hawksford—and he will destroy any who stand in his way.

My Review

This book was amazing! the story line, the twists, the turns, & never knowing for sure who the bad guy was until close to the end. It kept me reading most of the night & most of the next day. The story line was the basic hero saves damsel, but told in such a way that it is unique & different.

The historical aspect of the story was well researched & you could actually feel the tension that would have been present during that time in history between Prince John, King Richard, the Dukes, & the Welsh. It was done, though, in such a way that it was interesting & kept you hooked in the reading.

If you like historical romance novels or even just historical novels then I suggest you get this book & read it. It kept me hooked to the end & wanting more. I will now be adding Sian Ann Bessey to my “watch for new titles” list.

I received this book from Net Galley for this review.

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