Mock Cables Oh My! – July 2018 Mish Mash CKAL

Mock Cables, Oh My! We are going back to basics this month. I’ve had quite a few personal issues come up & wasn’t able to get the square I wanted to do done. So, we are going to learn how to knit mock cables.

This month I am gonna teach you mock cables. These are basic patterns that look somewhat like cables. Not completely, but still very pretty. If you do not know how to knit then I suggest going to or go to youtube.

I am able to answer any questions you have about this pattern. Feel free to email me at or contacting me via Ravelry (username: Hev).

You can download this wonderful pattern at my ravelry store {Ravelry}. You can also direct download the pdf from here if you would like.

May I introduce you to Mock Cables,Oh My! Square:

Gauge Swatch:

  • 4st & 6 rows equal 1in in worsted weight yarn with a US 8 (5.00mm)


  • Worsted weight yarn
  • US 8 5.00mm or needle to produce gauge.
  • 2 stitch markers of different colors
  • 2 stitch markers of same color


  • These will not look exactly like the cables that you have to use a cable needle for but they are still pretty.
  • Mock cables are basically just knit & purls with yarn overs and passing a stitch over.
  • This is going to come out looking like a rectangle just like the cable square did, but once it is blocked it will be a square.
  • This square we will be doing the design work on both the right side and wrong side so you will need to pay attention to what row you are on. This is a simple four (4) row repeat so I have provided you with a section to mark off your rows so you don’t get lost if you need to put your work down.



Cast on 36 stitches. I used long tail {}, but feel free to use your own choice of cast on.

Row 1 (RS): Slip first stitch with yarn in front as if to purl. Knit 3, place stitch marker, Knit 28, place stitch marker, knit 3, with yarn in front slip the last stitch purl-wise.

Row 2 (WS): Knit first stitch through the back loop, knit the rest of the way across
including the last stitch.

Row 3 & 4: Repeat rows 1 & 2 slipping the markers as you come to them.

From now on the first & last stitch will be treated as thus & no longer mentioned in the pattern:
RS: slip first stitch purl-wise with yarn in front, complete pattern till last stitch. With yarn in front slip the last stitch purl-wise.
WS: knit first stitch through the back loop, complete pattern till last stitch. Knit the last stitch as you normally would knit a stitch.
This will create a smooth edge that you will use to join the squares later.

Row 5 (RS): k4, sm, k2, place 1 stitch marker of the set of same colors, p2, *sl 1 purlwise, k2, psso (pass the slipped stitch over the 2 knit stitches you just made), P2; repeat from * to two stitches before the stitch marker. Place the second stitch marker of the set of same colors, k2, sm, k4.

Row 6 (WS): k4, sm, p2,sm, k2, *p1, yrn, p1, k2; repeat from * to stitch marker, sm, p2, sm, k4

Row 7 (RS): k4, sm, k2, sm, p2, *k3, p2; repeat from * to stitch marker, k2, sm, k4

Row 8 (WS): k4, sm, p2, sm, k2, *p3, k2; repeat from * to stitch marker, sm, p2, sm, k4

Repeat rows 5 – 8 until your piece measure just short of the measurement of rows 1-4 (mine had 12 repeats). Then repeat rows 1-4 one time and & then bind off using your choice of bind off. I normally use a basic knitting bind off {} the first video for a square like this. Just do your best to keep your tension even.

This is the position of my stitch markers if you are trying to figure that out (this is the right side of the work hence my green marker is on the right & my orange marker is on my left):

Row Counts:
Use these columns if you want to keep track of your rows.
5     6     7     8        
5     6     7     8        
5     6     7     8        
5     6     7     8        
5     6     7     8        
5     6     7     8        
5     6     7     8        
5     6     7     8        
5     6     7     8        
5     6     7     8        
5     6     7     8        
5     6     7     8