2018 in Review

So I thought I would go back over my goals for 2018 & see how I did. I did a quick look last night before typing this up & it didn’t look too horrible but I didn’t meet all of them. I never really thought I would though. So shall we see how I did?

1.) Do at least one book review a week (since I can read 4-5 books a week it shouldn’t be that hard).

I failed at this when my depression hit a hard time. I was doing fairly good at it. I may not have gotten one done a week but it averaged out to about one a week when I was managing to write them up. Oh, I never stopped reading. I


read. I just stopped being able to write up my thoughts on the books I read.

2.) Complete at least one blog post a month (I am not pushing myself on this)

I really failed on this. I don’t consider my book reviews as blog posts so I didn’t count those. Again I blame my depression & the fact I, honestly, do not believe my life & my activities all that interesting to anyone. No one wants to listen to me complain about my depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, step-mother, & the other various issues in my life

3.) Go to Branson, MO on vacation for 2 nights by myself (hoping for this in Janurary 2018)

Well, I over achieved this one. I actually went to Las Vegas, NV all by myself in September. I took a flight, a taxi from the airport, checked into a hotel, gambled (won over $1500 & lost it all), used Lyft (even D & B have never used Lyft or Uber), & managed credit card issues by myself without having a complete break down. Only had to call Dad once to calm myself down. So yeah, this one I went above & beyond the goal.

4.) Finish paying off my credit card

Oh this was funny of me to actually think I would get this done. I make a whopping $730 a month which $500 of that goes towards rent. Yep, didn’t happen.

5.) With said paid off credit card go to California to visit Jessica at Oceanside for a few days.

This didn’t happen either. Didn’t get the credit card paid off and so this never could happen. It was a long shot & I knew that when I made it a goal.

6.) Start to pay off said credit card once again.

See number 4.

7.) Complete the CAL/KAL that Jessica & I are doing this year.

I actually completed this. I designed 10 knitted blocks. I also crocheted the 10 blocks that Jessica designed. Put them all together and made a blanket. I am so proud of myself for this. It was my first time designing knitting patterns.

8.) Complete a year of knitting & crocheting things for me & not everyone else (i.e. finish my cardigan, make me at least 4 pairs of socks, & finish my Sophie

Wwwwwweeeeellllll, I failed this one big time. Once again, I don’t think I made myself a single thing this year, lol. That is normal for me though. I did work on my cardigan while I was in Vegas, but I didn’t complete it. I spent most of my year working on Mish Mash KAL/CAL.

9.) Finally pull myself out of this damn well of depression I have been in for the last year (don’t know how well that is going to go but I am trying)

I had good times & bad times with my depression & anxiety this year. The holidays are always very hard on me. I hate the holidays & always hope to not hit the depression brick wall at the end of October but I always do. I look at it this way. I have survived and I remain alive so it is a win in my book. It will always be a constant battle with those two things for me.

So that is my year in review. I didn’t succeed in all my goals but I never do. I don’t ever expect to succeed at all my goal, but I do try. I will be typing up my goals for 2019 in a few days to have up.

Changes, maybe?

So WordPress decided to change the entire way it works. So I am thinking I may try to work on a new theme for the site & may even work on the galleries. I am not promising anything though. I am still struggling with getting my depression under control so I am not making any process.

I am working on a post about my plans for 2019 & how I did for my 2018 plans (which I can pretty much say I failed, lol). We will see if I can manage that or not. 

It’s The End! Mish Mash KCAL 2018

Dear Mish Mashers,

Hev and I thank you for going on this adventure with us. We have learned A LOT about pattern writing and how to conduct a KAL/CAL/KCAL. We had fun and we hope you did as well.

This PDF for the assembly and border will not be available on Ravelry. I plan on compiling all 12 months of clues into one book which will be released towards the end of 2019. Depending on the size of the PDF will determine if the book will be available on Ravelry. This PDF will remain on crochetjessica.com until I get this book done and published. The squares will remain separate on Ravelry for you.

I hope to have all 3 possible versions of this blanket ready as well at the same time. I plan on releasing this as another KCAL in the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. I hope to have better estimated on the needs of yarn, etc.

With that being said and done – if we ever decide to do another KAL/CAL/KCAL in the future we hope you will join us!


Heather & Jessica

Without further ado please go to http://crochetjessica.com/crochet-knit-a-longs/mish-mash-2018-kcal/assembly-border-mish-mash-border-2018/ for the assembly & border pattern. Since it is not a complete pattern the PDF can’t be uploaded to Raverly so it is able to be downloaded directly from the site here. Just go to the page and it will direct you to where to get the PDF.