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My #365crafting photo for today again. I just finished the May crochet square for #mishmashkcal2018 Fokding Single Crochet stitch was a new one for me. I love the effect but it is so time consuming to do. Good design, @crochetjessica #365hmk18 #mishmashkcal2018 #hmkmishmashkcal2018 #hmkcrochet #crochet #crochetersofinstagram
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Book Review: The Washington Decree

Title: The Washington Decree
Author: Jussi Adler-Olsen
Rating: Unable to give a rating

The New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling author of the Department Q series is back, with a terrifyingly relevant stand-alone novel about an America in chaos.

“The president has gone way too far. . . . These are practically dictatorial methods we’re talking about.”

Sixteen years before Democratic Senator Bruce Jansen was elected president of the United States, a PR stunt brought together five very different people: fourteen-year-old Dorothy “Doggie” Rogers, small-town sheriff T. Perkins, single mother Rosalie Lee, well-known journalist John Bugatti, and the teenage son of one of Jansen’s employees, Wesley Barefoot. In spite of their differences, the five remain bonded by their shared experience and devotion to their candidate.

For Doggie, who worked the campaign trail with Wesley, Jansen’s election is a personal victory: a job in the White House, proof to her Republican father that she was right to support Jansen, and the rise of an intelligent, clear-headed leader with her same ideals. But the triumph is short-lived: Jansen’s pregnant wife is assassinated on election night, and the alleged mastermind behind the shooting is none other than Doggie’s own father.

When Jansen ascends to the White House, he is a changed man, determined to end gun violence by any means necessary. Rights are taken away as quickly as weapons. International travel becomes impossible. Checkpoints and roadblocks destroy infrastructure. The media is censored. Militias declare civil war on the government. The country is in chaos, and Jansen’s former friends each find themselves fighting a very different battle, for themselves, their rights, their country . . . and, in Doggie’s case, the life of her father, who just may be innocent.

My Review

I really tried to read this book. I really did. I was unable to complete more then 39% of the book. I consider myself to be a vote by the person not the party here in the USA. I did not vote for Trump. I was not happy with the idea of Hillary Clinton either to be honest, but I did vote for her because I felt she was the better choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

I also feel the need to put in here that I suffer from chronic depression & severe anxiety. These two things combine makes my life, along with my other medical illnesses, very difficult and sometimes what I watch and read can effect me subconsciously even though I know that what I am watching and reading is fiction. It does not help that my step-mother is a devote Democrat and vehemently hates Donal Trump. I try my best to keep politics off this blog so I will finish this paragraph by saying just because she is does not mean I take everything I read & watch on her shows (that she watches) as the honest truth. I do my own research and come up with my own opinions.

The reason I could not finish this book is the fact that too much of it is sounding like what Donald Trump is trying to do and it bothers me too much to read it. I tried to read it for over two weeks and I just kept finding other things to do, i.e. knit, watch movies, tv shows, etc. rather then read this book. Then when I did manage to pick up the book to read, I would have nightmare and night terrors over what was happening in the book. So I gave up trying to read this book. For what I have read of it the characters and the story line are wonderful and it is no fault of the author that I was unable to read the book.

Once things settle down in the USA and the government gets back into shape where I do not feel like it is spinning out of control I might try to read this book again. Until then I am considering it done and this is the review it is getting. If I ever do manage to read it, which there are plot lines I want answers too, I will re-review it in a different post.

Again I am sorry I was unable to finish reading this book and have to give a review like this. Again it is no fault of the author or the book. I am just unable to handle how close to the truth it makes me feel to the current government we have here in the USA.


I received this book from Net Galley for this review.

Book Review: Jilliand

Title: Jilliand
Author: Clare Gutierrez

“Bruised, bloody, and barely dressed, she knew it was over. She had no doubt the Vikings would search for her if she tried to run—especially now, with their companion lying dead. It would be dark soon, and she had no idea where she could go or hide. Jilliand knew they would come for her. The Vikings were not likely to let this go—especially it being an attack by a woman. She was defeated. Weak and shaking, she stared at the man’s body. I think tonight I die.”

My Review

This book was amazing. I loved every minute of it. The hardship & strength that Jilliand had to go through just to survive. Then what she thought was going to be the death of her turned out to be one of the greatest things even greater, to me in her opinion, of finding out who she truly was.

The characters & story line in this book was done wonderfully. The author gave you enough description that you knew what you were reading but at the same time you did not know enough that you could not imagine it. When I read books, I do not see the words, I see a running movie in my mind of what is happening in the story. The author knew what she was talking about and you could tell she did a through job of researching the era and the culture of the different cultures of the characters.

I highly recommend this book. It is am amazing love story with a wonderful, strong willed, sassy heroine. It is not a smooshy wooshy love story that story line is actually a small portion of the book. There is more action and mystery then a love story. Get the book, I promise you won’t regret it.


I received this book from Net Galley for this review.