Hello 2020

Yes, I am 26 days late. I don’t care. With everything that has happened in the world I am still stunned trying to figure out what to type here. I don’t want to do a “goals” posts cause I never manage to complete the goals. I have never been a goal oriented person. When I do manage to complete them I always forget to post about them. So no more I am tired of feeling like I have disappointed people.

I am eagerly awaiting the end of the impeachment trial. My feelings on the current president is that I can not wait till he is gone. He has not done a good thing to this country. I am tired of seeing his “cult” damage & wreck this county. I am not Democrat or Republican or Independent or any political party. I have & will always vote for the person I believe will do the best for the job. No, I did not vote for Trump & I will not vote for him in 2020 (if he remains in office). I didn’t like Hillary Clinton very much but I felt she would have done a better job then Trump.

As far as my crafting goes most of my time is spent teaching two classes of crochet at my local library. (Do not get me started on how much I love having a library in my small town again.) I have a total of eight (8) students of varying knowledge of crochet. From complete beginner to expert. They all seem to enjoy coming & surprising I am enjoying it. My anxiety gets me to think I don’t want to do it but I am usually just fine once I get there.

Otherwise, I have a desire to make 12 pairs (one per month) of socks this year, a wrap (late Christmas present for B), Nuvem (for Grace), a lace shawl (to sell), and my cardigan still on the needles. For the crochet classes I am making a blanket in one class & blocks in the other. I am trying to make it to where I get all the “homework” done either in class or at the office & devote my evenings & nights to my knitting.

I am thinking about changing this site to just plain php & html with no blog. basically having it like a gallery situation. But then I do have http://handmadebyhev.com for most of my crafting work even though it is supposed to be my commission & shop for my items. I just can not seem to craft fast enough to sell anything & when I do have things to sell they wind up selling before I can get them online, lol. So I don’t know what to do. I looked back & the last post I made was in Jan 2019. That was a whole year ago.

I still want a place to blog & such, but I don’t know that comments is something I need to deal with or worry about. Most of the ones I get are either from friends that do it via other channels or people that just are trying to start an argument with me. I refuse to deal with arguments from people that will not effect my daily living. My anxiety & depression can not handle them. It isn’t worth my time to deal with them anyway. Besides I don’t like listening to myself complain & there is no reason to make you all listen too.

I am having more health problems with my fibro & seizures. I have doctor appointments (multiple times a month). The pain from the fibro has gotten bad enough that I am going to my primary care doctor to see if he can give me something for the pain cause Tylenol doesn’t do a thing anymore. When I want pain medication then you know the pain is bad. Even after my surgeries I was on pain meds for like three (3) days before stopping it & using Tylenol or nothing. So I am hoping against hope that I can have some new pain meds.

I do have a new neurologist this year & I am hoping that I will get some relief from my migraines & possibly some new ideas on why my seizures are changing (getting worse, causing other issues, etc) & so on. That is actually next week.

Honestly, the reason I forget to blog is one or more of a few things.

  • I am playing World of Warcraft or Minecraft
  • I am knitting or crocheting
  • I am watching movies or tv
  • I don’t know what to type or what to say

So yeah, those are the reasons I either forget or don’t type up blog posts. I should try making my posts via talking to my phone app (Otter) & seeing if I can manage that. Then I would just need to copy & paste it from my email every time. I could make the posts at night when I am getting ready to sleep. I may try that. No promises though.

So that is my plan & what I need to decide this year. Here is to hoping you have a wonderful 2020.