Medical Update

As of this moment I am going through some medical issues that are causing me issues with knitting, crocheting, reading, computer time, etc. Once I know for sure what is going on then I will let everyone know. Until then posts, book reviews, photos, etc. may be delayed a bit. I will try my best to keep up, but I need to rest & take care of myself.

The only for sure thing I will be keeping up is the Mish Mash CAL/KAL 2018 posts & patterns.

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One thought to “Medical Update”

  1. Speedy recovery, no one likes being unwell or incapacitated…

    Link to Mish Mash site down, unable to connect for some reason or another… Would still like to take part in this KAL..but you look after you first. So will leave it for a month or so and come back and see how you’re doing…and maybe Mish Mash site will be up and running again.

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