What I have been doing?

So what have I been up to? A lot. On August 1st, I had these babies put in:

I have a very small mouth & my natural teeth came in crowded & not a good fit. One dentist informed me that I have a 7-year old mouth size that a full adult size set of teeth had to fit into. Needless to say, my teeth were never in good condition no matter how well I took care of them. So I left them alone & only pulled them when they started hurting. That was just how I planned on spending the rest of my life. Then I ended up with a wound in my leg that wouldn’t heal. Finally the wound healed & on the advice of the doctors I agreed to have my teeth removed. The doctors felt that there was an ongoing inflammation & infection in mouth at all times due to the condition of my teeth. They were afraid that if the teeth were to remain in my mouth I would only be setting myself up for more problems or the re-opening of the leg wound.

Then came the issue of payment. I don’t have $6000 for the extraction surgery so it was not possible. My doctor from the wound center contacted Medicaid & got me a medical letter of necessity for the extraction so Medicaid cover the surgery & my co-pay was $72. That I could afford. So we went ahead & set it up. Then came the next fun part. Dentures or implants. I discussed it with the surgeon & we both agreed that if I put implants into my mouth I would wind up with the same problems again. So we went with dentures. *yes, I am a little old lady now, lol* I then talked to my primary dentist & he set the dentures up. These babies were $2000 for the set. Expensive burgers.

Remember I said my mouth is small? To me, these look like baby teeth compared to my original ones, lol.

If I had to do it all over again, would I? Honestly, at this moment no. I can not eat my normal diet & though the pain is not there that much, it is very annoying to feel this huge size hunk of acrylic in your mouth & know that you can’t take it out to function normally, lol. But in the end when it is all said & done & I am back to my normal diet, I can’t answer if I would do it again or not. We will have to wait & see.

Otherwise I have been having a horrible time with my anxiety & panic attacks lately. I can’t pinpoint the exact problem, but I think it is just the combination of everything that is going on at the moment. When I set the surgery up I was well & feeling quite good. Then the week before I came down with a sinus infection & the starting of an ear infection. I went into the surgery with those issues along with the fact that I somehow managed to invade a seed tick nest *seed ticks are the size of a pinhead* & had way too many of them on me. Then had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics, had chigger bites like crazy, & then went through surgery. I knew if I postponed the surgery then I would never do it. The surgeon & my primary care doctor told me that it would be fine & that I would have no problems. Little did I know what as going to come afterwards. *sigh* Today is the first day since the 1st of August that I have felt semi-normal. No major panic issues or anxiety attacks. Dad has been frustrated cause he doesn’t know how to handle it or make it better. So it hasn’t been a smooth ride at all. Then the next thing happened early this week.

Dad has a private issue that is going to be needed to be operated on. Which means that he is going to be out of commission for a while plus I will have the stress & worry of him while he is in surgery. He needs this done & it will make him healthier & better. He is working with me on getting me ready for the surgery & understanding that he isn’t going to give up & will be getting out providing that he is able to. Does that make sense?

So yeah, my life is completely turned upside down at the moment & honestly, I don’t know when I will have my Knitting Thursdays back up & running. They are going to be on hiatus for a bit, but you are welcome to look at my Ravelry account & see the updates there. I am sorry, but I am just trying to keep my head above water, so to speak, at this time.

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  1. The teeth look great And I think all the anxiety and panic attacks you’ve had since the surgery are normal. You’d have A LOT happen in a short period of time.

    I’m keeping you and your dad in my thoughts about his surgery and recovery! I know everything will turn out ok
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