Ok, there isn’t going to be a Knitting Thursday post for a couple of weeks I would guess. I am going into oral surgery on August 1, 2013 to have all my teeth removed & immediate dentures inserted. From past experience this is going to be a very painful situation & I highly doubt that I am going to be up to making a post. So this will be the last one for a bit. So I will update you all on what is going on.

I have somehow managed to get a sinus infection & the start of an ear infection from somewhere. I have been feeling horrible for the last week. It started out as a sore throat so I figured it was just allergies. Then it got worse. I decided that I was probably going to wind up at the doctor’s office but was hoping it would go away with cold medicine. Well, on Wednesday afternoon, I looked at my belly cause I was really itchy & found baby seed tick. For the record, I have allergic reaction to ticks biting me. I continued to look at my belly and areas that I could see in the office restroom. I found about 15 of them on just my belly. That told me right there that part of my illness was the reaction from the bites. If you don’t know, seed ticks are the size of a pin head. They look just like little flecks of dirt or brown spot on your skin. I live in the country & ticks are a normal occurrence. Usually I find them right away when I take my bath, but I skipped a day cause I wasn’t feeling good. So I took a bath & had Dad check everywhere that I couldn’t see. He found about 10 of them on me. So that was part of the illness. But Thursday night, I felt like I had a band tightening around my throat. Took my allergy meds & hoped for the best. Friday morning I called the Dr & got an appointment for 9am for Dad & I *he has a cough that sounds like he is hacking up a lung*. The Dr. informed us that Dad has a rhino virus & I had a sinus infection & the start of an ear infection. Got meds for the issues & now I am feeling quite a bit better. I spent most of yesterday (Friday) in bed sleeping & then got up to go to town to pick up more meds & eat supper. Dad is also feeling better & for that I am grateful. Cold meds make him very irritable & I have a short fuse when I am sick also so it has been a fun experience in the household lately.

I am currently working on my Magic blanket since I am sick & am not wanting to spread the germs around. But I have started Grace’s bag again. I am only working on things I can throw into the washing machine to make sure there are no germs going to their owners.

I got the yarn for Grace’s Nuvem in, but she is going to have to wait a bit more. My commission, from the benefit, came in & asked for me to get hers done. So I am just waiting on the yarn to get here & for me to feel better to make it. *it is actually sitting at the post office waiting for me on Monday* Hopefully I will feel up to starting on it then. Once I get closer to starting Grace’s Nuvem I will be talking to her about how she wants her stripes in the black & pomme.

So this may be it from me other than my twitter & Facebook updates for a couple of weeks & it may not. It will all depend on how I feel & how much pain I am in.

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  1. Found ya! hehehe For thos of you who don’t realize it I am her dad and I just looovvvee pulling her chain occasionally by showing up & leaving her a message. I’ll get to your twitter yet someday daughter. Oh the rhino virus is another form of the cold virus. Bye

  2. I hope you feel better soon!!! Don’t worry about my stuff, you get to it when you can. I’m in no rush. Take care of yourself first and foremost!!!! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for a good surgery on the 1st for you and I will probably send you tons of tweets *hugs*
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  3. Yikes!! Ticks sound so scary. We don’t have them here in Alberta and for that I am grateful. Ugh, I really really hope you feel better soon and that your recovery from surgery is smooth and as painless as possible.
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