Umm…new room help

Ok, so I have a bedroom, bathroom, & office that is mine. She wants a office space to herself, so I get the big one downstairs right across from my bedroom. Yay! Dad is going to put his leather stuff (tools & such) but I get to have the majority of it. Wanna see pics?

My bedroom (not horribly big & don’t mind the boxes those are the previous owners):*click on them for the full big size*

I am not painting or changing the carpet in this room or any room. They are all nice & neutral so I can change my colors anytime I want. This will actually be the first bedroom I have lived in that isn’t pink *yes, I love my pink room*. I am putting a 5ft. dresser/mirror, a queen bed, nightstand, 32″ flat screen tv on the wall between the door & closet door with a small table or bookshelf there for the DVD player. That is all that is going in here.

I have to figure out what color scheme I want for my window treatments & bedding. I am leaning towards blue & brown but I may go with pink again, lol. What do you think?

My bathroom:

This one has blue in the tiles so I am a little limited by what colors I can put in here, but I have found some pretty blue & cream bathroom items. I have to get a shower curtain & hangers for in here. I don’t know if I can handle having a bathroom to myself. I have always had to share. I don’t know what to do with a counter top all my own, lol.

My office:
Since this is going to basically be my living area when I am not with Dad & Brenda, I will take you through this one mostly picture by picture.

This is my new desk. I am hoping that I am not going to need a new chair *taller*, but if I do then I do, lol. I love the fact that I have cabinets above & to the side of me. I am planning on just moving my laptop to & from each day. I probably will get tired of doing that, but I will have a hub & cord there so that all I have to do is pick up the laptop, put it in the bag & take it home & then again back to the office.

This is the rest of the room plus a shot showing my desk. Dad’s leather stuff is going underneath the three short wall cabinets on the opposite side of the tall wall cabinets. I am planning on plastering the walls with posters & yarn do-dahs, lol. The cabinets & closets are going to store all my yarn boxes & I am planning on putting my rocking chair in the corner behind my desk with a lamp & bookcase. The tv is there & will stay there just for noise & movement when I am home alone. I am going to put a table in the room that will serve as my sewing table. That way I can leave the sewing machine up instead of always having to take it down & put it back up when I need it. I have a feeling by the time I finish putting everything in there, it is going to be cramped, but oh well. I am used to living in a cramped area.

Those are my rooms. What do you think of my ideas & what suggestions do you have if any?

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