Tools for Knitting

I have found that not only do tools for nails are also wonderful for crafts, again. I was wanting something that would hold all my stitch markers, crochet hooks (slip stitch fixes), stitch holders, cable needles, etc. for my knitting. I found a plastic case that was made for the above things, but they wanted $9.99 for it. I talked to dad & we went to the hardware store. Guess what I found for $2.99? Yep, an adjustable plastic container that works perfectly. Wanna see?

Tool case

Ok, from top to bottom, left to right.

  • My fancy stitch markers (metal dangle)
  • My flexible locking stitch markers
  • My small bone (plastic) rings
  • My sock stitch markers
  • My crochet hook, stitch holders, puppy snips, bent tip sewing needles, & cable needles
  • My metal ringer stitch markers (fast becoming my favorite)
  • My small locking stitch markers (safety pin style)
  • My large locking stitch markers (safety pin style)
  • My large bone (plastic) stitch markers

This container is just simple snap close container with eighteen adjustable width containers. All I did was remove the dividers where I needed them to be & put my stuff in it. Each row has a rounded bottom to make getting the pieces out of the containers. I love it. See more pictures below of the case. It fits in my purse & I don’t have to worry about not having enough stitch markers or my crochet hook so that I can fix a dropped stitch.

My point with this post is to show that you don’t have to have tools that are made specifically for the craft you do. Look in different & odd places & you may just find that perfect tool to help you organize or keep track of your supplies.

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