This Week & Part of Last Week

I have had the week from hell. If it could go wrong I think it did. Here is what happened.


  • My anxiety & agoraphobia decided to go into double time. Couldn’t eat all day due to the panic attacks & nausea.


  • Anxiety & agoraphobia after effects all day.
  • Dad isn’t listening to me tell him that I am not up to going out, goes out.
  • Got home to find no water in the house.


  • Doctor’s Appointment – wound is better.
  • Almost got t-boned on the way home by a tractor trailer.


  • Well pump was out. $1000 to fix.
  • Dad hits deer on way home from a meeting while driving the SUV. Messed up the hood, front driver panel, driver door, & one headlight. Looking at over $3000 in body work.
  • R hasn’t talked to Dad in over a week, but won’t explain why she doesn’t want to talk to him or why she i upset with him. They are over.


  • Dakota is only worth about $3600. Insurance will probably total the SUV.
  • Doctor put a gauze bandage on my leg & with my sensitive skin the gauze rips my skin apart. They were out of the foam bandages that they normally use. Just have to make it through Friday to get it changed.


Can I go back & hide in my bed until this storm of bad luck is gone? Please???

Happy note though is that the wound is smaller, & the doctor is agreeing with me that we keep the steroids on it so that it will heal. Yay!!!!

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