It’s The End! Mish Mash KCAL 2018

Dear Mish Mashers,

Hev and I thank you for going on this adventure with us. We have learned A LOT about pattern writing and how to conduct a KAL/CAL/KCAL. We had fun and we hope you did as well.

This PDF for the assembly and border will not be available on Ravelry. I plan on compiling all 12 months of clues into one book which will be released towards the end of 2019. Depending on the size of the PDF will determine if the book will be available on Ravelry. This PDF will remain on until I get this book done and published. The squares will remain separate on Ravelry for you.

I hope to have all 3 possible versions of this blanket ready as well at the same time. I plan on releasing this as another KCAL in the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. I hope to have better estimated on the needs of yarn, etc.

With that being said and done – if we ever decide to do another KAL/CAL/KCAL in the future we hope you will join us!


Heather & Jessica

Without further ado please go to for the assembly & border pattern. Since it is not a complete pattern the PDF can’t be uploaded to Raverly so it is able to be downloaded directly from the site here. Just go to the page and it will direct you to where to get the PDF.

Mish Mash 2018 CAL/KAL May Square

**NOTE** Due to an accident involving a cat my new system, which has all the items for Mish Mash on it is currently in the shop. I completely forgot to get those items off the system before turning it over for repairs. Hence why the photo is horrible and things look different. As soon as I get my system back I will update this post to contain the correct photo and make it look the way it should. At that time I will also update the page for the pattern on the site here. Till then you will just have to download the pattern’s pdf from here or Ravelry. **END NOTE**


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Cables Galore

Cables Galore
Find the pattern here & on Ravelry.

Find the May crochet square on Jessica’s site.