Sick Sick Hev

Well, it has been a whirlwind month. Last Sunday my father went into the hospital with pneumonia. Wasn’t a bad case but enough it kept him in there till Thursday. During which I had to complete his bookkeeping job at his office which is something I have no clue on how to do, so I have been stressed to the max. Brenda & I wound up sick & went to urgent care on Sunday only to find out it isn’t the flu but a virus infection. So we are both on antibiotics trying to function.

This is why there hasn’t been anything done with the book reviews, knitting, or crochet. I basically spend all day at the office handling clients & phones so by the time I make it home I am so tired and in pain I can’t even begin to imagine knitting, crocheting, or playing World of Warcraft (WOW). I have severely neglected my friends & am so appreciative that they understand & are not upset over it. I think he is turning the corner. He says he is coming down to the office for a bit this afternoon so maybe by next week he will be full time back at the office & that will be off my shoulders.

Thank you for being patient with me and the fact that I am severely running behind on everything.

TW is Back!

I re-worked the code,got a finished objects gallery of my knitting projects, got instagram up & posting. So I think I am ready to go. I know I neglect this blog quite a bit, but since I do make quite a few posts to instagram, I have set up the site to automatically post a blog post every time I upload a image to instagram. I know some of you may find this irritating, but my site, my choices.

I am still planning on going through my pages & making some changes, but that can be done while the site is live. Have fun looking at my finished projects gallery (took me long enough to figure it out & enough hair pulling).

I have posts in the works, So I haven’t completely forgotten the site. The latest election has sparked quite a few opinions for me to think about & want to share.