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As you know, I have several different type of knitting needles. I have:

There has been one company I have wanted to try for a while. I keep hearing wonderful things about the needles & how they are simply divine to work with. Signature Needle Arts is the company that I am talking about. I hate ordering knitting needles without being able to feel or touch the needles first. Then to top it off the needles are $48 each. I can by almost three (3) Addi Turbos for that price. Then a couple of weeks ago, I was at Barnes & Noble with Dad & had a shock. Usually I am the only one knitting in the store so when Dad told me that I needed to look over my shoulder to see a surprise, I looked. Lo & behold, another lady was knitting (a sweater or cardigan), my eyes zeroed in on her needles. They were Signature Needle Arts needles. I was so excited. I hurried over & ask if I could see the needles. Thankfully, most knitters are the sweetest people on Earth & she let me see them. I just about swooned with delight over the fact I was getting to feel & touch these needles. *Yes, I am weird* The points were dreamy & the shaft felt so smooth, only a little catch where the two metals meet, but nothing horrible. So I let Dad feel them & then the day after I ordered my first needle.

I ordered a US4 (3.5mm) 40″ fixed circular needle. I got a 6″ shaft with a stiletto tip. I was wanting a US 7 but they are still re-designing the needle, so I figured that I would get one I could use on my Queen Anne’s Lace #2 to see how I liked the needles. I ordered them on a Sunday & I received them in the mail the following Friday. Very quick & fast delivery.

Don’t they look dreamy? I think so. I thought I would go through everything I like & dislike about them.

First, the points. Oh my, I love the stiletto point. It is pointier then the Addis, or Chiaogoo, but not as pointy as the KnitPicks needles. A nice in between that won’t puncture your finger, yet you are able to pick up your stitches very easily. So that is a wonderful plus for these needles.

Next, is the length of the shank of the needle. I have big hands (thanks Dad), & so I have some issues with short needles. Below is two pictures. The one on the left is my Addi Turbos. These are close to the same length as most knitting needles hit on my hand. The one on the right is the Signature Needle Arts with a 6″ shaft.

As you can see the Signature Needle Art needle comes down & rests on my lower palm where as the Addi is resting on my upper lower palm. Most of the time this isn’t a problem. My issue is that I break cables & they always break on the right hand side where the cable joins the shank. So I watched as I knitted & I am bending that join every time I knit a stitch. So I thought since I can get custom lengths on the Signature Needle Art needles, why not get it. The average needle is about 5″ long. Since the 5″ shafts would be close to what I was using so I went with the 6″ shaft. I am so happy I did. Yeah, it feels weird, but I am getting used to it. I really like the length of the shaft that I got.

Now for the dislikes. There isn’t a lot actually only one dislike. It still catches where the silver & purple metal meet. Yes, I know it will always do that, but I was hoping that it wouldn’t be bad. It isn’t as bad as my Addi Turbo interchangeable that I had, but it is there. I am hoping that as QAL2 gets more stitches on the needle & I don’t have to stop to move the stitches the catch will be less noticeable. But if that is the only issue that I have (& it is so far) then I am still pleased with the needles.

Will I buy any more? It will depend on whether the catch is still felt or not. As of this moment, I doubt it. My Novas are just as nice & there is no catch with them. If I do buy more than I will get a US7 (4.5mm) when they release it. But for the cost, I can be quite content with my other needles instead of spending the amount on one needle.

I am not saying that they are not worth the cost, just not for me. For example, Grace loves the Addi interchangeables. I sent her mine to see if she liked them. She did & now has them permanently. The catch in them didn’t bother her one bit where is it drove me crazy. Will I do the same with these? Umm…no I won’t. I am keeping these no matter what.

I will do a follow-up review of these once I get finished with Queen Anne’s Lace #2 to let you know about the catch & any other thoughts I have on them.

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