Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 2 10.1 (Wi-Fi) 16GB

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (Wi-Fi) 16GB This is the tablet I picked up Sunday (the day it came out). I took it home & charged it up fully, like I always do for any new electronic I get. Surprisingly, Nook downloaded to it without a glitch. In fact everything (apps, pics, etc.) went on the tablet without a hitch. *pro #1* Except for my books. *I buy most ebooks from Barnes & Noble, but I do buy eBooks from other sellers also.* So I knew that my Nook books would not be a problem. I was afraid that the other books would give me a problem. I was right, spent most of the first day converting my pdf books to e-pubs *con #1* & then side-loading them into the Nook interface on the talet. Calibre ( my e-book manager *highly recommend & free* still won’t talk to the tablet. *con #2* So the only way I get my books to the tablet is to copy & paste the e-pubs to the Nook folders on the tablet. *con #3* I spent last night with it seeing if I enjoyed reading on the 10.1″ *pro #2* *con #4* screen the tablet has. Hmm…didn’t work out. Both my Nook & the tablet have the same books on it. I ended up reading the book on my Nook without thinking about it. I am afraid that the 10.1″ is too big to comfortably read with it. But I am going to continue to try with it.

Today I plug in the tablet to the computer planning on working on my pdfs *patterns & tutorials I carry with me* on to the MicroSD card. So I just finished moving my pdfs & magazines to the MicroSD & the tablet is reading them just fine. *pro #3* One big issue for me. With my Nook, I can pin my books, pdfs, etc to one of the three home screens. The tablet has no way of doing that. *con #5* Also with my Nook I have the ability to sort my books (in the library) by author while on the tablet I have to sort it by recent first & that just messes me up while trying to remember where I was in my library for the next book to read. I am trying to catch up on my e-book library & have been trying to read the books from author to author.

With my Nook I have beautiful access to a special store *recommends for me based on my library* that lists out different authors & books that I may be interested in. Plus I can find the Nook Daily Finds *cheap books*. On the tablet I don’t get that special store or the automatic daily finds. *con #6* To the best of my opinion I can not read the book *in store* like I can with my Nook. *con #7* Will try it out just to make sure Friday when I go back to B&N.

I have to admit I really do like this tablet. One major plus is that I can download any app from the Android market *minecraft* *pro #4*, though I have found that I can get Hidden Objects games from the Nook tablet & those help me get my mind off things that I need it off of. So, I don’t think that is a *huge* pro anymore.

I have also just realized that my father’s Nook books will not read on my tablet. *con #8* This is not good. We share reading tastes & I normally will copy his books onto my reading device instead of having to re-buy the books I want.

If you haven’t guessed yet this is my way of trying to determine the pros & cons of this tablet. So in list view:

Tablet Pros

  1. All apps that I have chosen have downloaded & ran without a problem.
  2. Has a 10.1″ screen size compared to the 7″ my Nook has.
  3. Tablet is reading my pdfs & magazines without a problem.
  4. More apps straight from the Android Market *Minecraft*.

Tablet Cons

  1. Having to convert my books to e-pubs.
  2. Calibre will not “talk” to the tablet.
  3. Have to side-load all books to the tablet.
  4. The 10.1″ screen is too big & a little awkward to read from & use in the car.
  5. Can not pin my working files *patterns* or my books I am currently reading to my home screen.
  6. No special book store from Nook.
  7. Am unable to read the book in store like on my Nook.
  8. Unable to use Dad’s books.

Nook Tablet Pros

  1. Perfect screen size for reading & using in the car.
  2. Ease of access to the Nook Store.
  3. Nook will read e-books as pdfs or epubs.
  4. Nook will read my father’s account or my account books.
  5. Calibre will “talk” to my Nook so I know exactly what is on my Nook & what isn’t.
  6. Have the “special store” from the Nook.
  7. Have the charger for the car if I need to re-charge.
  8. Very comfortable to use in bed *I read a lot at night*.

Nook Tablet Cons

  1. No 10.1″ screen size.
  2. No Android Market.

I would like to know your opinions & ideas. If you have any fixes to the cons that I have listed then please let me know. I am not planning on making a permanent decision until Friday May 25, 2012 *Best Buy has a 30-day return policy*.

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  1. I haven’t used either, but it sounds like you like your Nook the best, so maybe you want to concentrate on finding a way to get the apps you want to load on it. A smaller screen isn’t a huge con, as the bigger screen also means it will be heavier?

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