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Another #365crafting photo today. My father better be happy I love him. He will only wear charcoal or black socks & plain jane style, aka boring socks. Though this time I am making them have a bit of texture & design to them, hee hee. But the is 2 rounds into his toes. #hmkdaddy #hmksock #hmkknit #knittersofinstagram #knitsock
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Book Review: What Did I Do?

Title: What Did I Do?
Author: Jessica Jarlvi

The new heart-pounding psychological thriller from the bestselling author of When I Wake Up.

“Kristin is on the run. From her life. From herself.”

When two murders happen in Chicago, a witch-hunt ensues, and Kristin quickly finds herself at the centre.

The problem is she isn’t sure of what she did or didn’t do. Armed with a life insurance payout, she runs away to Sweden to start her life over.

But it’s not that easy to escape the past. And whatever she’s done, someone is on her tail, wanting her to pay…

The question is: could she be a killer and not even remember?

*This is an uncorrected advance proof copy*

My Review

This book so many twists and turns I found it a bit hard to follow. The first half of the book was very hard to follow trying to figure out where the characters in the past points of view related to the current characters points of view. I think the author could have done a better job at joining the past and present characters in my opinions to make it less confusing.

You are led to believe that Kristin is mentally unstable and she probably is but not to the point her parents think she is. She just happens to know more about one of her parents then she wanted to and in fear for her life ran. Unfortunately, her family finds her and it leads to an explosive ending and tell all between the entire family.

It is a good book, but to be honest, I highly doubt I would have bought it in the bookstore once I had read a few pages here and there in the book. The description is good and true, but I think the author could have tied some plot lines together better and left some plot lines out all together. This is my opinion though, you may find you enjoy the book and completely disagree with me.


I received this book from Net Galley for this review.

Book Review: Improper Cross-Stitch

Title: Improper Cross-Stitch
Author: Haley Pierson-Cox

A fun, witty, nerdy, and irreverent craft book for the modern cross-stitcher.

Sometimes it’s good to be a little..improper. Profane, funny, and smart, Haley Pierson-Cox’s THE IMPROPER CROSS STITCH invites the modern crafter to bring personality and humor to their cross stitch projects. From a fully designed “Damn it feels good to be a crafter” to the beautiful Art Deco inspired “fuck,” Haley’s patterns are fresh, lively and just what the crafter ordered.

In this book, she’ll introduce readers to the joys of stitching the naughty, the profane, the irreverent, and the just plain awesome. First, she starts with a basic lesson in cross-stitch technique, no previous experience required. Then, once readers know your way around an embroidery hoop and a skein of floss, the books moves on to the designs—35 in total, ranging from hip, to nerdy, to ironically domestic—where Haley encourages crafters to embrace their inner snark with gleeful abandon.

Her easy to follow instructions and colorful designs can make a cross stitcher out of anyone. In all her years of crafting, Haley’s learned many things, but this simple fact remains one of the most important: There is absolutely nothing in this world quite so satisfying as enshrining something deeply inappropriate within the delicate stitches of a cross-stitch sampler. It’s truly one of life’s great delights!

My Review

Ok, this is my type of cross stitch book. Yes, I know how to cross stitch, I just do not do it as much as my knitting or crochet. Plus, to be honest, it costs more then my knitting or crochet, but that is another subject.

This book is hilarious at the same time so completely true. It is smart-ass, yet funny. Definitely not your grandmother’s cross stitch samplers, lol. The “Talk Nerdy to me” & the cat ones I can really see myself doing. All the designs are fairly small & quite easy to do.

The book even gives you primers on how to do the cross stitch, items needed, framing advice, etc. It is an all around good book if you want to barely step into the cross-stitch waters but do not want to make the “normal” samplers. This would be a good book for a beginner in my opinion.


I received this book from Net Galley for this review.