Book Review: Daughter of War

Title: Daughter of War
Author: S.J.A. Turney

An extraordinary story of the Knights Templar, seen from the bloody inside.

Europe is aflame. On the Iberian Peninsula the wars of the Reconquista rage across Aragon and Castile. Once again, the Moors are gaining the upper hand. Christendom is divided.

Amidst the chaos comes a young knight: Arnau of Valbona. After his Lord is killed in an act of treachery, Arnau pledges to look after his daughter, whose life is now at risk. But in protecting her Arnau will face terrible challenges, and enter a world of Templars, steely knights and visceral combat he could never have imagined.

She in turn will find a new destiny with the Knights as a daughter of war… Can she survive? And can Arnau find his destiny?

An explosive novel of greed and lust, God and blood, Daughter of War marks the beginning of an epic new series from bestseller S.J.A. Turney. Perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Conn Iggulden and Matt Harffy.

My Review

This was not what I thought the book would be about. I thought judging by the title and the cover it was going to be about a female Templar. It was not about a female Templar it was about a Templar knight that claimed sanctuary with his lord’s orphaned daughter who turned into a Templar nun.

Arnau of Valbona is besieged with the fact that his beloved lord was killed in battle by an act of treachery so he feels it is his duty to protect the unwed orphan daughter from the lord that is requiring her to marry him so he can have her lands and money. So Arnau and her go on the run to try to get to the king, but realize there is no way they will make it so they seek sanctuary with a small Templar temple. Once they have agreed to become part of the Templar’s everything starts to go wrong for the temple. Their workers are raised into rebellion, the temple is basically under seige, and Arnau has to learn to let God’s judgement handle vengeance not his thoughts and feelings.

This was an interesting book even though it was no where near what I thought it would be with the cover, title, and description of the book. I do recommend reading it and adding it to your to-read pile. I enjoyed it very much and am not unhappy it took a different route then the one I thought it was going to.


I received this book from Net Galley for this review.

Book Review: Son of Zeus

Title: Son of Zeus
Author: Glyn Iliffe

The epic story, the greatest hero of them all

Heracles, renowned for his strength and spirit, has done something terrible. His gilded life lies in ruins. Seeking the Oracle he is given a new mission: pay penance by becoming the slave of his sworn enemy.

Twelve impossible labors await him. To restore his reputation, he must face monsters and mythical beasts that will test him to his limits and beyond. For he has become a a pawn of Gods: of Zeus’s pride and, above all, Hera’s jealousy…

Can he fight back? Or even survive?

The astonishing new series from bestseller Glyn Iliffe takes us on an unforgettable journey of monsters, myth and man.

My Review

I tried to not let my love and previous knowledge of the Heracles legend get wrapped up in this book. It was hard cause Greek Mythology is one of my favorite things to read. I think I managed it though.

The author is basically re-telling the Heracles legend from Heracles point of view but at the same time putting some different twists into the story. You get the point of view from many different people in this book and to me it is a refreshing way of telling the legend. I thoroughly enjoyed this re-telling am eagerly awaiting the next book to continue in Heracles impossible labors.

If you like Greek mythology in any way, shape, or form then you will enjoy this book. Even if you don’t I do suggest trying it out. The story line is complex enough it keeps your attention yet, it is not one that you keeps you reading long after you are tired. It is engaging do not let me make you think it isn’t. I just know the labors so I knew what was coming next so it was easier for me to put down. I would add this to your to-read pile cause it is worth the read.


I received this book from Net Galley for this review.

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Book Review: Caged

Title: Caged
Author: Ellison Cooper

A gripping thriller debut for fans of Kathy Reichs, Thomas Harris and Patricia Cornwell.

FBI neuroscientist Sayer Altair hunts for evil in the deepest recesses of the human mind. Still reeling from the death of her fiancé, she wants nothing more than to focus on her research into the brains of serial killers. But when the Washington D.C. police stumble upon a gruesome murder scene involving a girl who’d been slowly starved to death while held captive in a cage, Sayer is called in to lead the investigation. When the victim is identified as the daughter of a high profile senator, Sayer is thrust into the spotlight.

As public pressure mounts, she discovers that another girl has been taken and is teetering on the brink of death. With evidence unraveling around her, Sayer races to save the second victim but soon realizes that they are hunting a killer with a dangerous obsession…a killer who is closer than she thought.

My Review

Wow just wow! There is so much that I would love to tell you about this book, but I am honestly afraid I would give so much away. The characters are wonderful and complex. Well fleshed out yet you can still see somethings that have not been told to you and you have to figure out for yourself. The villain was not who I guessed from the very beginning. Though I do admit they were in the group of people I had pegged for being the villain.

Sayer is a wonderful lead character. Just enough trauma to make it interesting but not enough that you feel sorry for her. She bring a well rounded group of skills to this case. I hope that the author will write more with Sayer as the main character. The plot lines were wonderful and you always knew where you were in the lines, but you never knew more then what the author wanted you to know. There was no jumping around in the plot lines and they all followed the main line without being the same story line. The different lines all blended and helped the main story line as you read.

I gave this book five (5) out of five (5) stars though in my opinion it deserves more stars. If you like mystery thrillers then I would suggest adding this one to your book pile. It is well worth the read.


I received this book from Net Galley for this review.