Let’s start with the knitting shall we?

So I have been knitting my fingers off & I have actually gotten a shawl done & started another shawl & a blanket. The completed shawl has already been delivered to the new owner & she loves it. This was my first semi-circular shawl. I have to admit that I prefer circular & triangles the best. This one was not the easiest to block out. I wanted a shape that would go over & stay on the shoulders yet be easy to put on. The lady has arthritis really bad & so it had to be easy. So I used wool & cotton to make the shawl. I am hoping the combination of the two will make it warm yet not to warm.

I am making a Nuvem for Grace & I am using black & red worsted Comfy yarn from Knit Picks. I am hoping that this time is goes better then when I tried with my fingering yarn. I have frogged the old Nuvem & planning on using it to make another shawl. Haven’t decided which one, but another one. It will probably have lots of stripes or chunks of color in it, but Not sure. I may decide to make two separate ones. Anyhoo, so far, Nuvem is going good. I have it on two circular needles & that is a pain, but it is easier now that I have one circular as regular Nova needles (round) & the other is Nove Cubix needles (square). I know immediately which one to grab of the total of four tips I am using. I am hoping once I get it large enough I can put it on one 60″ needle & that will speed things up quite a bit.

I went looking through the projects of Nuvem & found one by Quilttina (in German) {here}. I showed it to Grace & we both agreed that it was simply too pretty not to re-produce. So I contacted Quilttina & she was nice enough to tell me the number of rounds used for each of the colors. Quilttina used three colors, but I am only using two. So I am making the light brown color a black & the other two colors the red. I wanted to end in a red & thought it would set the entire shawl off. If I like enough, I think I may make me another one for myself. In different colors & maybe even three colors, but that will be a long way off.

I am making a baby blanket for Jessica. Actually two blankets, but I am just working on one of them at the moment. So far it is going quite well. It is the Banyan Love Blanket & I am doing the one with only one tree. I am making it in Red Heart Super Saver in Aran. I think it looks quite good even if I haven’t gotten very far along on it. I am on the ribbing part at the moment. Even though I normally hate ribbing as much as seed stitch it is a 4×4 ribbing (k4, p4) & it is actually not too bad. I don’t think I would try it on socks, but on a blanket it isn’t too bad to work.

In other knitting news, remember I made & then gave away a Color Affection? Well, I keep thinking about it & I have decided that I am going to make another one & see if I like it any better. Since I am a little better at knitting & I think I have short rows down, I may be able to make it look better. I have chosen to make it out of KnitPicks Brava (acrylic) in the following colors:

I haven’t decided which order to put the colors in, but I know the purpleish color is going in the middle.

I was ready to put Grace’s owl bag together. When I started I realized that I can’t put it together yet. I have to knit the zipper pieces. So I plan on doing that this weekend, if I can find my left over black yarn. I am also afraid that I am going to not have enough fabric & have been scouring Michael’s looking for more & no luck. *frustrated* So I may wind up going to JoAnn’s or another fabric store & buying something similar to the lime green owl print fabric. *ducks from Grace throwing something at me* I have found it finally. The online store has the fabric. So now I am hunting fabric to get free shipping & then hope Dad says I can get it.

I would have more to tell you, but honestly, I am tired of typing this & I have held this post for about a week & don’t want to hold it any longer. So till next time!

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  1. I love all your projects!!! If you need to change the fabric that’s not a problem, don’t want you to get into trouble or anything for buying more things online

    I can’t wait to see the nuvem :D:D:D
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