Knitting to do

I am afraid that I may be forgetting something. So I thought I would list all my to-dos for Grace & Jessica. Just need them to make sure I have everything listed.

For Jessica

  • Banyan Love Blanket – WIP
  • Phantom of the North Baby/Lapghan {}

For Grace

  • Nuvem – WIP
  • Boyds Bag {}
  • Laporte Avenue Tote {}
  • Rose Garden Shawl {}
  • Douceur {}

I believe that this is all the to-do for Jessica & Grace, but if I have missed something then please let me know.

I have a finished object to show you all as soon as I get good pictures of it. May be a bit before that happens. I am getting ready to start Jessica’s CAL Pineapple Afghan.

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