Knitting Thursday

Whew! I have been very busy this week. I finished two projects & started another one. I know you want to hear all about them, so let’s jump in.

Jessica’s Giant Blanket

Yep, I am finally done with this blanket. I was beginning to wonder if I would finish it, lol. But I did & this blanket is huge & hot. But that was what Jessica wanted. All I have to do now is wash it, block it, & ship it. My goal was to finish by August & I am happy to say that I did it.

Ok, the basic run down on the pattern is quite simple. I started with this pattern: 5 Basic Circular Shawl Shapes Cheat Sheet & made the biggest square I could manage, lol. I think it measured about 45 inches before the lace work started. Then I choose an edging to add to it. I knew I wanted a simple but very pretty lace edging, & I spent about two weeks trying to determine what I wanted as an edging. I settled on a Feather & Fan edging from Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Vol. 6: Edgings. It was a very easy lace to stitch & the only issue I had been cutting the pattern in half for the corners, lol. But suzeeq on Ravelry helped me do it. Basically, that is it. Nothing major, just a lot of knitting in the round, lol.

Kelly’s Cabbage Patch Hat

I came across an adorable hat & posted it on Facebook. Next thing I know one of my friends, Kelly, wants if for her grand-daughter. *BTW, her grand-daughter is adorable* So I said I would make it for her & she gave me the measurements & the color she wanted. Little did I know she was going to pick my hated color. *I dislike yellow, always have* I actually managed to finish the hat in about 1.5 days. Personally, I think it is adorable & hated giving it up, but I think it will be adorable on the grand-daughter. If I get permission from Kelly to post a picture of the grand-daughter here, I will. But these will have to do until & if then.

Yes, surprise it is actually crochet. I don’t think I have finished a crocheted project in over a year. *faints* I don’t mind small crochet projects that finish quickly, but when I have big projects I hate crochet. I get very bored with it. That is why I exchange knitting for crochet, i.e. Jessica crochets me a blanket, I knit her a blanket, Grace crochets me a blanket, I knit her purses. This I can handle.

Now, another friend wants a hat like this one, but I have to get measurements & colors for it.

Grace’s Swirly

Originally, Grace wanted a different bag, but that one was more of a market stretchy bag. When I told her this she told me that wasn’t what she wanted & so she picked out a different one, more on that one later. So I had several skeins of DK weight yarn sitting around that I needed something to do with. So I poured into Ravelry & found this pattern: Jamaica Pouch. Now I will say this, the pattern is free but I couldn’t find the correct link or the links weren’t working. So I did manage to find a version of the book online that I could copy the pattern from. Legal? Maybe not, but I am not selling this or making any money off of it, so I highly doubt there is a problem. I loved the way the bag swirled & I am tempted to throw some Pomegranate color into the bag so Grace can see how they go together. *Beautifully in my opinion* My only problem is that it is hard to photograph black, but if you can see I love the swirl on the bottom of the bag.

Grace’s Bag

Now this bag is the bag that I am exchanging for my blanket. The Swirlie is just a bonus I am throwing it. Plus, I feel the blanket is worth more than just a bag. So she gets two, lol. Look at the picture of what she wants me to make her:

Do You See The Cables!!!!! This is going to be interesting. I have only completed three (3) cables correctly in the entire time I have been knitting. But I am dying to make some other projects that have cables, so I need to do them. So hence this project. Since Grace wants it, I won’t be able to talk myself out of it. (though she is trying to do a good job at it)

I am modifying it though. I am working it in the round from the bottom up, & I am going to put a flap on the top to fold over like a messenger bag. I dislike zippers in knitted items, cause the zipper always catches the knitting, so it is going to get folded over. I will even line it & per the request it is to be bright & funky. Hee hee, I don’t think Grace realizes what she is in for with the lining fabric. Bright & funky is just my finding, lol.

Also since the pattern comes as a chart & I don’t feel that trying to knit from a chart & cables (neither which I am comfortable working with) that it would be better to write the pattern out before getting to the cable part. I have a total of 6 rounds wrote out & already have used two sheets of paper, lol.

Ok, that is it for this week. Hopefully, next week I will have the chart written out & more progress to show you on both the bags. Wish me luck cause I am going to need it, lol.

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  1. I love Jessica’s blanket!!!! You did such an amazing job on it The hat is adorable and I’m sure her grand daughter is going to love it

    I am so excited for my bags I love the swirly!!! And as I’ve said before if you need to change the pattern for the cable bag to something that doesn’t make you want to tear your hair out you are free to do so
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