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Ok, as most of you know I recently ordered the “Try It” Needle Set from Knit Picks(KP) along with about six skeins of yarn to make the $50 for free shipping. Two of those skeins were sock yarn for Dad, two skeins of cotton for dishcloths, & two skeins for me. With the “Try It” Needle Set you receive a size 6 Harmony wood tip, a size 7 Nickel plated tip and a size 8 Zephyr acrylic tip, and two 24″ cables. Ok, before these I have only had Susan Bates and/or Boyle needles. So yeah, big surprise. I was hoping to like the Zephyr acrylic tips, but I can feel them strain under my knitting. Yes, they are flexible & KP will replace it if it breaks, but I don’t want to have to wait for it. So the Zephyrs are out of the running for my interchangeable set. Next I tried the Harmony Wood ones & I, honestly, didn’t want to like these cause they were the most expensive option. Now, I know there are those of you that swear by wood needles, but I snap them like butter. Same problem as with the Zephyrs. *side note: I break plastic size H crochet hooks, so it wouldn’t be surprising for me to snap these* So I have two done for the count & hoping that the Nickel Plated ones will work. I really want an interchangeable set for shawls & I like working with circulars better then straights. Easier on my wrists & hands. I also taught myself on metal needles & I don’t have the problem of my stitches coming off the needles like others do. (Think I knit it to tight) So I knitted my next row, on my needle row, onto the Nickel plated US#7 from my pink Susan Bates & started going to town. :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: I kid you not. I am not a speed knitter, very slow compared to my crocheting speed. I can whip out a crochet piece in about half the time it takes me to knit something, but that wasn’t the point of me learning. I timed myself for a Susan Bates needle row (approx. 80 stitches in a 4×2 rib pattern) it took me about 10 minutes to complete one row across. With the Nickel Plated US#7 from Knit Pick it takes me about 7 minutes to complete one row. That is a three minute difference. I know, not much, but with how quickly I get bored with stitch patterns, it is amazing that I have shaved off three minutes off my row time. I even think it is more then that now that I am used to the needles.

So will I be getting the other sizes that I want/need from Knit Picks? Oh yeah, I already have them sitting in my cart. I will be getting a US7, US9, & a US11. I use US7 for just about everything, so I like have two of those. The 11s are for my bulky yarn & the 9s are for those in between yarns. I already have the US5 tips for the socks & the 47″ cable, but I have a 30″, 37″, & 60″ cables sitting in the cart also. I need the 60″ cable for the shawl I want to do. Plus the yarn for the shawl & more sock yarn. Hee hee, have to finish the trial sock & Dad’s first pair to see if he wants more socks made first. Though I don’t think I will have to worry too much. I won’t have the money to purchase this set of $50 until the middle of Sept. or Oct. :roll: But that will make the getting of it that much more special.

Have I bored you completely yet? No? Good.

My point is, if you are looking for an interchangeable needle set & are not sure whether you want wood, acrylic, or metal. I would order the “Try It” Needle Set from Knit Picks. The set is only $19.99 & they will replace the needles or cable if you manage to break them. *under severe punishment warning if I break mine, lol* Just kidding. The only reason I was able to get these now was because Dad was kind enough to foot half the bill for me. Since I can’t work or have an income (disability & medicaid), I have no money except what they give me. Usually they give me about $20-$40 a month to play with. *Thanks Dad* :luv: Yeah, I would get used to me talking about him.

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  1. So the disability did come in? I remember you talking of going through the approval process. It’s nice of your Dad to give you some money so that you have some of your own.

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