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Finally Finished

After about five (5) months I have finally gotten finished with Meggan’s son’s overalls. If you remember from this post (Found my test subject), I am borrowing Meggan’s son, Wesley, for this knit. The goal was to see if I could actually create clothing. Since I was a “new” knitter I wasn’t for sure that I could do it. Well, I proved to myself that I could & that I was decent at it. So behold the final pics of the overalls. They were shipped out to Meggan on Friday (only time I had free this week).

In other knitting news I have started & worked almost halfway through a baby blanket. No, I am not having a baby thank goodness. We eat at a sushi restaurant just about every week. Haruno’s is the one place that is relaxing & fun at the same time. Plus, they have sushi & that is the one meal that doesn’t make me sick to my stomach. here’s hoping that Jerrett doesn’t read this, lol Well, we tend to make friends with the managers & waitresses (in this case they are all girls except for one manager) so it is not unusal for us to spend two to four hours there talking with everyone. Well, I found out that Jarrett got re-married & that they are expecting a baby boy in May. Well, instead of just buying him a baby present I thought I would put my new found skills (April 2012 will be one year) of knitting to use. So after about ten different yarns (lol, I mean about 3) being tried for softness & ease of washing I finally settled on Bernat Baby Blanket in Funny Print. The main color is white, but it has flecks of green & blue. Was going to do it in blue only, but thought that this was prettier. The best part is that the yarn is “super bulky” weight & I can knit it with US15 needles. (in other words, fast knit) I have only been working on it solidly for about four days & I am already almost (lack about 2 inches) ready to start the decreases. I knitted it on the diagonal so that I could get it finished quickly. Just in case, little one comes early. Want to see the pics? Sure you do. wink

Other then that I am knitting up socks (again). Oh, I also managed to knit cables without losing everything. I am so very happy about that. There are so many designs I want to make that uses cables & I just need to work on getting rid of the cable needle, lol. But I am so proud of myself for actually knitting cables. Like an idiot I forgot to take pictures.

Till next time…..bye!

To-Do List

I just looked at my To-Do list & I am just about overwhelmed with it all, lol. For all pattern links you will need to be logged into Ravelry.

  • Wesley’s Overalls – 80% finished – pattern
  • Wesley’s Cardigan – going on the back burner & then knit at a larger size – pattern
  • Jerratt’s Baby Blanket – got the yarn & I think I am going to make this: – pattern
  • Emily’s Wedding gift – has to be done by October
  • My Shawl – waiting on the yarn – pattern
  • Doe Eye – shawl that will be for sale – pattern
  • Mittens – for me, but I haven’t settled on a pattern yet that I want to make. Well, I have, but don’t think I am skilled enough to make it.

This is only the craft to-do list. The other list has about thirty items on it to be done. I never catch up at all, lol. But if I ever did then I don’t think I would know what to do with myself. But I thought I would let you all know where everything is & why I am not a huge presence online. I am always there, just may not be twittering or commenting.

Yarn! & other items

This is what I get to see everyday as I pull out of my driveway. Isn’t it pretty?
My view

This post is pic heavy of big pics!

I managed to go to Hobby Lobby, JoAnns, & Wal-Mart in Springfield all by myself with only one minor panic problem. :dance: So I am pretty proud of myself right now. Oh, I went because I needed to get yarn, stitch holders, & a 16in circular needle so I can start on Wesley’s clothes. I was a good girl & only bought what I needed boring but it was so very hard. They had so many colors I wanted, lol. Now, Meggan told me that Wesley wears a lot of blues, greens, & grays so the palette if chosen from those colors. When I got to Hobby Lobby most of the “boy” colors were picked through & I didn’t get enough to do the overalls, but I am hoping that either tomorrow or Friday they will get another shipment in & I get that last skein of the denim color I need. But I got 4 skeins so I will be making a very good start on it. For the overalls I choose Lily’s Sugar ‘N Cream Denim in Indigo.

Then I needed two 1inch buttons for the overalls. I went to Wal-Mart cause I knew I didn’t have that size at home. I found a pair of cute plain ones that will go wonderfully with the denim color of the yarn.  I couldn’t resist the monkey ones either so they had to come with me also. I have no idea what I am going to use them for, but I couldn’t leave them.

Next with so few choices in the colors for the hoodie, I broke my cotton rule & went to look at I Love This Yarn section. I had tried it previously & liked it better then Red Heart (quality is better then RH anymore) & found the prettiest *or handsomest variegated blue, cream, & brown I have ever seen. The yarn was soft & it passed my irritation test. So I found a solid blue that matched the blue in the variegated yarn & got it for the hoodie. Now you tell me, isn’t these quite handsome?

Since I choose blue for the main color I thought I would play with the six buttons it calls for. So I picked up some light blue & ecru buttons. I thought I would inter space the buttons, you know, blue-ecru-blue-ecru-blue-ecru. What do you think?
The buttons for the hoodie
I also picked up a metal US5 16inch circular & a US8 16inch Clover wooden may take it back needle to use for the overalls. Also picked up three stitch holders.
Stitch Holders
I saw these in the clearance rack & even though I normally don’t use double pointed needles for anything besides i-cords, I figured I would get them (even though they were missing one needle) just in case I needed to use them as a cable needle or make i-cords with really tiny yarn. These babies are tiny! They get lost in my hands. They are a US0 double pointed knitting needles.
US0 Needles