Finally Finished

After about five (5) months I have finally gotten finished with Meggan’s son’s overalls. If you remember from this post (Found my test subject), I am borrowing Meggan’s son, Wesley, for this knit. The goal was to see if I could actually create clothing. Since I was a “new” knitter I wasn’t for sure that … [Read more…]

To-Do List

I just looked at my To-Do list & I am just about overwhelmed with it all, lol. For all pattern links you will need to be logged into Ravelry. Wesley’s Overalls – 80% finished – pattern Wesley’s Cardigan – going on the back burner & then knit at a larger size – pattern Jerratt’s Baby … [Read more…]

Yarn! & other items

This is what I get to see everyday as I pull out of my driveway. Isn’t it pretty? This post is pic heavy of big pics! I managed to go to Hobby Lobby, JoAnns, & Wal-Mart in Springfield all by myself with only one minor panic problem. :dance: So I am pretty proud of myself … [Read more…]