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In The Year….2015

Did you get the song reference?1 I wanna know that I am not the only one that knows this song, lol.

BedSo I thought I would do a year in review this year since so much has happened to me. I don’t know that you will be that interested or that it will be that interesting, lol. But figured that I needed to or should do it. This is going to be a long post (though honestly I think all my posts are long, lol). So bear with me.

I am currently sitting in my bed writing this out the “old-fashioned” way by pen & paper. No telling how many revisions it will go through as I type it into the site, lol. Who knows it probably won’t be anywhere near the same by the time it goes live on the site, lol. Hence, why I normally just type my entries on the fly instead of writing them out. But I am downstairs & my computer is upstairs. Plus, I hate using my computer in my bed cause I try to keep my bed my reading, watching tv, & most importantly sleeping area only. But alas, I am getting off point of the entry once again.

So let’s get started shall we? There are only two issues so not too horrible, but long.

Issue One

scaleIn January 2015 I weighed 400 pounds (yes, four hundred pounds). Was I healthy? Not by my doctor’s standards, but I didn’t have high cholesterol, diabetes, or other diseases that most people that weight do. But I was starting to have a hard time moving around & was in tons of pain. I couldn’t fly, I couldn’t do a lot of things that I wanted to do. There was no way I could go walking or enjoying the outdoors like I want to. B brought up the idea of weight loss surgery & at first I completely dismissed it as more severe then I wanted to deal with. I couldn’t stand the idea of losing my food (I love the taste, texture, & look of food) & I was afraid, very afraid of that idea. But the suggestion stuck & it kept popping up & even though I was actively dieting every 12 pounds I would lose, I would gain them right back. I was doing water aerobics, walking (having a pit bull that loves to walk is a blessing) but I would not lose any weight. I was at my wit’s end. I was dead afraid I was going to be dead by the time I hit 45 from my weight. So I did tons of research (instead of playing Minecraft I was researching) on weight loss surgery & the options available. Talked it over with my friends & family. Surprisingly everyone was supportive with the idea & just wanted to make sure I was healthy & happy. Out of the three (3) types of weight loss surgery I chose the Gastric Sleeve over the the other two options. With the gastric sleeve the body works just the way mother nature designed the body to digest food. The only different is that the stomach is smaller & can only hold about four ounces (4oz). Otherwise, I digest food just the same way any non-gastric surgery person does. Nothing is skipped or bypassed. So I went to a couple of information seminars at my local hospitals & looked into my insurance to see if I could get part of it paid for. I was informed that neither hospital accepted my insurance. Majorly unhappiness happening when one of the nurses took me aside & gave me the information that there was a hospital in Kansas City, KS & Columbia, MO would accept my insurance. So I knew that I was going to have to travel to get my surgery & consults. Then she told me that Blue Valley Surgical Associates had a clinic in Springfield, MO (this town if fairly close to me). RoadThat immediately got me interested so I set up a consult with the office in February 2015 & off I went on the journey of a lifetime. I was approved for my surgery in March & got a surgery date for May 19, 2015. D & B went with me & we spent three (3) nights in Kansas City. Went up the day before surgery, spent the night in the clinic due to my insurance, & then one more night for me to rest before driving the four (4) hours home. Dr. Lawrence J. Drahota, MD was the surgeon that did my gastric sleeve. I have no complaints with my treatment at Blue Valley. In fact everyone one more then nice & wonderful with my care. They all were surprised that I was up & walking less then an hour after waking up from the surgery. But I am never one that likes to be bed ridden or stay in bed. I am always up & moving around no matter what. The seven weeks I was in the hospital for pneumonia just about drove me crazy, lol. break freeBy October 2015 I was down to 350 pounds. Now in January 2016 I am 293 pounds. That is over 100 pounds in eight (8) months. I can not tell you how good it feels to be over 100 pounds lighter. I can move easier & the pain I am in less amount. I can even fly to places in airplanes! I still eat most of my favorite foods just not the same amount & I have to make sure I eat enough protein & drink enough. But my blood work is beautiful & my nurse is quite pleased with my progress. I have to think B for the wonderful meals she prepares that provide me with all the nutrients I need for my weight loss & body. Without the support from my friends & family this weight loss would have never happen. It is amazing that I have gone from wearing 5x (34-36) size clothing to wearing 2x (26-28) clothing & even though they are getting too big also already, lol. My end goal is somewhere between 200 & 250 pounds. Here is hoping!

Issue Two

One of my goals in life is to go to London, see Stonehenge & other prehistoric monument over there. I am adding Paris since I know B wants to go back & I wouldn’t mind seeing the art museum in Paris. That was also one of the reason to lose the weight. At 400 pounds there was no way I could fly. To be perfectly honest, traveling was the main reason for the weight loss before health & looks, lol. I know that isn’t right, but if it got the job done then it is fine. flightIn November 2015 I went on my first flight in my life. Over Thanksgiving week we all flew out to Las Vegas. We went then to avoid the crowds & to make it easier for family members having to figure out how to visit our house along with everyone else’s house. It made for an interesting experience. D actually had to push me onto the plane the first time. I got to the gangway & my brain immediately decided that it wasn’t going to go with this anymore & basically refused to let me move forward all the while telling me that I couldn’t do it. D refused to listen to me & shoved me onto the plane & into my seat, lol. Las Vegas So I flew from Kansas City, MO to Las Vegas, NV. I can tell you this. I dislike the take off & the first turn. After that nothing really bothered me not even the landing. So will I be flying again? Yep, in April 2016 we are all going to Cancun. Yep, beach time for this woman. That is another thing I have always wanted to do. Go to the ocean & see the beach! I can’t wait for it! May make this tax season worth dealing with everything, lol. You can read all about my trip to Las Vegas here.

That is basically the two main things that happened to me this year. It was an exciting year & I hope that 2016 is a exciting year for me also.

1 In The Year 2525 by Zager & Evans

FitBit Stats for June 22 – June 28, 2015

  • Total Steps: 26,416
  • Total Distance: 11.72 Miles
  • Total Floors Climbed: 16
  • Total Cals Burned: 20,641
  • Calories In Vs Out: -11148
  • Weekly Total: 20643 Cals Burned / 5995 Cals Eaten / -3500 Plan Deficit
  • Weight Change: 0.6 Lb
  • Avg Sleep Duration: 5 Hrs 21 Min

Weekly Totals 6-1-15 to 6-7-15

  • Total Steps 21,213
  • Total Distance 9.41 Miles
  • Total Floors Climbed 12
  • Total Cals Burned 20,313
  • Calories In Vs Out -14868
  • Weekly Total
  • 20315 Cals Burned
  • 5447 Cals Eaten
  • Weight Change 2.3 Lb
  • Lightest 358.0 Lb
  • Heaviest 360.3 Lb
  • Avg Sleep Duration 5 Hrs 33 Min
  • Avg Times Awakened 8
  • Avg Time To Fall Asleep 0hrs 10min

Weekly Totals 05/25/15 – 05/31/15

Not to shabby this week. I expect the current week is going to see greater distance walked & more steps. I have found that I can walk around the entire block without stopping or being in great pain. Now

  • Total Steps: 16,961
  • Daily Average: 2,423
  • Total Distance: 7.52 miles
  • Total Floors Climbed: 4
  • Total Calories Burned: 19,830
  • Calories In VS Out: -16,927
  • Weight Change: -5.1lb
  • Average Sleep Duration: 5hrs & 15min
  • Current Weight: 359.8lb

Strawberry Cheesecake Protein Shake

This is so good. Like drinking dessert.

1 scoop Syntrax Matrix 2.0 Simply Vanilla

1 tbsp Sugar Free Cheesecake Pudding Mix

1 cup Frozen strawberries

8oz of water

some ice


Put everything into a blender & blend till blended well. Pour into glass & enjoy.

Week of May 18 – 24

This was surgery week, so the info is not that great. So I am just going to give you the Fitbit info.

  • Total steps: 9, 311
  • Total Distance: 4.13 miles
  • Total floors climbed: 4
  • Total Calories Burned: 18,968
  • Calories In VS. Out  18,971 cals burned/1560 cals eaten
  • Weight Change: 3.5lbs
  • Avg Sleep: 3 hrs 56 min


Week of May 3 – May 9 2015

OK, I am just laying things out here. I will probably edit the layout this week & next week a bit. I have surgery next week & so I plan on doing a lot of site work while recovering *hoping to at least*

Sunday May 3, 2015

  • Calories: 1070/1500
  • Carb: 90/94
  • Protein: 78/188
  • Steps: 2,559
  • Distance:1.14 miles
  • Stairs: 5

Monday May 4, 2015

  • Calories: 1741/1500
  • Carb: 204/94
  • Protein: 78/188
  • Steps: 4638
  • Distance: 2.06 miles
  • Stairs: 1

Tuesday May 5, 2015

  • Calories: 1289/1500
  • Carb: 144/94
  • Protein: 74/188
  • Steps: 2540
  • Distance: 1.12 miles
  • Stairs: 1

Wednesday May 6, 2015

  • Calories: ?/1500
  • Carb: ?/94
  • Protein: ?/188
  • Steps: 2520
  • Distance: 1.12 miles
  • Stairs: 2

Thursday May 7, 2015

  • Calories: 1528/1500
  • Carb: 79/94
  • Protein: 98/188
  • Steps: 3607
  • Distance: 1.6 miles
  • Stairs: 2

Friday May 8, 2015

  • Calories: 1548/1500
  • Carb: 164/94
  • Protein: 63/188
  • Steps: 2740
  • Distance: 1.22 miles
  • Stairs: 1

Saturday May 9, 2015

  • Calories: 1032/1500
  • Carb: 150/94
  • Protein: 60/188
  • Steps: 3031
  • Distance: 1.34 miles
  • Stairs: 1

Sunday May 10, 2015

**Note: Dad’s Birthday, went to Red Lobster & had ice cream hence the horrible numbers**

  • Calories: 2985/1500
  • Carb: 274/94
  • Protein: 101/188
  • Steps: 4304
  • Distance: .13 miles
  • Stairs: 2


This is basically what I am planning on telling you every week.  If there are other stats that you would like to know, let me know & I’ll see what I can do.  I may change the format & I may not.

Food Diary Status

I know I have been faithfully doing the daily post, but honestly it is getting to become quite tedious.  So I think I am going to change it to once a week. Maybe just giving a breakdown of how my week went.  I am not having enough time to get the post done daily & it upsets me when I don’t get done what I “need” to get done.  So I think I am going to do it this way.  Post it every Monday & just give a run down of the days & totals.

I also got a Fitbit Charge over the weekend & so I think I will add the steps, sleep, floors, etc to the run down also.  In all truthfulness my diet doesn’t change. I eat the same things over & over again so I don’t really see how it helps anyone.  I am sorry if I have let you down but I have to maintain this blog the way I can & doing it daily is just more than I can handle along with getting ready for surgery, online issues, private issues, depression, stress, etc.

I will set up the first weekly one to happen on Monday May 11, 2015. That will give me a full week with the Fitbit & monitoring my diet.

I am also tired of this color scheme, so it will more likely change sometime this week.  I think I am going to go completely different from the purples. *hoping*

Food Diary 04-29-15

Calorie Intake: 1500 or less

Description Calories Carbs
 Syntrax – Nectar – chocolate truffle  100  0
 Frozen pre-sliced strawberries  50  12
Total  150  12
Description Calories Carbs
 Orowheat  Oat Nut Bread 1 slize  110  19
 Pure Protein – Vanilla powder  150  8
 Frozen Peaches 1 cup  60  13
 Peanut Butter – creamy – 1 tbsp  105  3
Total  425  43
Description Calories Carbs
 Beef Tips & Noodles  471  62
Total  471  62
Description Calories Carbs
 Banana  100  26
Total  100  26
Daily Total  1146  143