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So my father got re-married last Saturday(12-21-13). He spent Friday night in Springfield while I stayed at the house with B. Instead of a nice quiet calm evening & night, B had her best friend (N), her daughter (D), daughter’s husband(DD), & grandson(GB) over spending the night. Oh, I forgot to mention that B forgot somethings that she needed for her wedding & so since apparently I am the bloody errand girl I got to go to Springfield. Remember, crowded stores & noise do not agree with me & they give me panic attacks. I, normally, never go to Springfield after Dec. 1 unless it is with someone else & I can remain in the car. Not this time. I had to go by myself & that was not a fun experience. NEVER AGAIN! I took the max dose of my quick acting anti-anxiety medication & screwed myself for the evening (which was supposed to be calm& quiet). Instead it was chaotic & noisy. So we had the wedding rehearsal followed by the dinner. rehearsal took from 7pm to 9pm *for some bloody reason* & then we went to Republic (30min away) for the dinner. After dinner B realized that there was something else she needed from Wal-Mart so we went. Luckily I got to stay in the car this time. We didn’t make it home until 11pm that night. Then with 4 people upstairs & one shower it took them all until 2:30am to settle down to go to sleep. I can’t sleep when there is a lot of noise & movement around me. My insomnia is a bitch that way. So I did not get to sleep until around 3am & then had to get up at 7am in order to get the Church open & ready for the ceremony. It was a damn nightmare. When I woke up I knew immediately that I hadn’t gotten enough sleep to re-charge my mind & body to be ready for the crowd & standing up in front of a lot of people. That combined with the fact I was stuck in a knee-length bright red dress didn’t help. *I prefer ankle length dresses & not red* So I took my meds & one of me quick acting med & prayed for the best. I went upstairs to make sure all the others were up & moving. Since I was anxious & trussed up like a damn Christmas turkey I decided that it wouldn’t be in my best interests to eat anything. So I sat at the table waiting for the time to leave.

So everyone was up & slowly moving towards getting dressed. Then GB kept trying to get DD to go to the guest bedroom with him. DD wouldn’t go & finally GB whispered to his dad that he locked the guest bedroom door & closed it. WTF? I ended up ripping the damn trim off the door in order to jimmy the lock. Someone had used the ice pick method before & messed up the lock so that it no longer worked. I was pissed & asked GB just what he thought he was doing? His parents &B were telling him that it was ok & not to worry about it. I was thinking that he needed to be scolded at the very least but when I raised that question I was informed that he was B’s grandson & let it go. I left figuring that it would be better if I wasn’t there to speak my mind. So I headed to Church. I got the set up complete & finished getting dressed. B got there & we were all ready for the 11am ceremony. Except her mother wasn’t there. Supposedly, her mother thought it was in Crane despite the fact she was told it wasn’t & given exact directions to the Church. B wouldn’t start the ceremony until her mom got there. This was another nightmare. The pastor was having to wait along with all the guests. We lost half the guests at the reception because they had to go get lunch at the Manor (nursing home next door). The cake was beautiful but we actually threw 3/4 of it away cause she planned for 150 & we only had about 30 at the reception.

So the wedding took place & Dad was actually nice enough to stay & help me clean up since DD had to leave right away. The cake was a damn shambles & had crumbled all over the floor. So Dad vacuumed & I cleaned the tables. Took me an hour to clean everything up. So needless to say I didn’t get home until around 2pm. Exhausted & overwhelmed. They were gone from Saturday to Tuesday & I really wish they had been gone longer. It took me until Monday to actually start feeling “normal” or at least my normal. I basically stayed at home & vegetated in front of the tv & the computer. Knitted & re-charged. I have never had it take that long to re-charge & get back to my normal.

Sunday I was pretty much crippled in pain due to the 4 hours in heels (even a small 2in heel) so I ony moved when I had to. It was a nightmare going up & down the stairs. So I only went up when I had to & stayed downstairs mostly. Monday I was a little better, but still in a lot of pain. Thankfully, B made me rice for my meals, I eat rice, cheese, & chicken a lot when home alone, & so I didn’t have to do much other than heat up the rice & chicken. I was quite pleased with myself. Dad left me $200 for the weekend & I came out of the weekend with $140 of it left. I had supper & breakfast out on one of the days so that is where that money went.

So now that 2013 is wrapping up I am hoping things will settle down quite a bit & I will be able to get finished getting used to the new house. B is still unpacking & it is still chaotic in the house, but progress is being made. My room is pretty much set up & now I am just adding my posters & pictures to my walls. My office is not set up but it is getting there. The computer station is set up & running, but I am still having to bring my laptop to & from the office. I thought my old desktop was still working, but it isn’t. I am thinking about bringing Mom’s old desktop & seeing if it works & can be made to work. Again I may just keep moving the laptop to & from. It has everything I need on it where is if I have a separate computer for the house I will have to double things. So I really haven’t figured out what I want to do. Though I have figured out how to have two monitors (my laptop & my old monitor) work together. So that is quite cool. I can browse in one window & watch my youtubes or videos in the other. Quite enjoying it.

My plans for 2014 is basically continue doing what I am doing now. I do plan on catching up on my knitting (only one bag & two wraps to go). I am almost done with the Owl bag or at least the knitting part. The putting it together make take a bit cause I have to finish setting up my sewing machine & getting it settled into its new home. The machine was bought in 1980& is a complete metal machine. Since it is metal when it gets cold it doesn’t want to work as well. So I have found that if I set it out & leave it alone for about a week it will get acclimatized to the environment & not give me so much trouble when I work on it. I love this machine & so I do baby it quite a bit. You can not find ones like it anymore. So I hope to have it set out this weekend, providing that I can get enough light in the room to set it up & get it threaded. Then I will leave it alone for a week & then start getting all the pieces of the owl bag ready & the project bags that I have sitting waiting for the machine also. Don’t get me wrong I love my little Singer Pixie sewing machine, but it is quite slow & so I will always prefer to use the big machine.

Anyhoo, back to what I was talking about my knitting plans are to finish the owl bag, the Rocco wrap for Reni, the Nuvem wrap for Grace, & the other bag for Grace. Yes, I am aware that I am also making pot holders & a blanket but those don’t count cause they are not worked on all the time. The bag & wraps are exchange projects & get worked on the most. The only projects that come before the exchange ones are paying ones & I have refused to accept any of those until I am caught up. My goal is to be caught up by April. I may not get it, but I am hoping. I would like to work on my cardigan after I get caught up & that is why I am not taking on any new projects. Yeah, I will add them to the list, but it will be after I get something done for myself first. I haven’t been able to make me anything I am starting to forget why I started knitting in the first place, lol. The pot holders & blanket are for B & I knew that this would happen. She also wants me to make her a silk/alpaca blend pashmina. She has already picked out the yarn & pattern for it. It is going to be a mindless knit that is done on the diagonal so I don’t see it being a problem & I may work on it at the same time I am working on my cardigan. I also want to make another lace shawl next year & I am sure I know which one I am going to make. I think this one is going to be a half circle or triangle one. Nothing to complicated, but challenging to me. Sometime I want to try Fair Isle & Double Knitting (those are next on the “learn how” plan) but I am not in any rush to do it, lol. I may even design my own lace shawl. It has been quite fun designing the owl bag & I may just keep the design streak going & design my own pattern, lol. Who knows I may get good enough to start publishing them, lol. If I design it then it will be a top-down triangle shawl. I already have the color & stitch pattern I want to try, but I am not sure I am up to the designing part. I guess we will have to wait & see.

I don’t really have much more to say at this moment. Just trying to survive each & every day with as little anxiety as I can handle.

To-Do List

Since the site crash, I have a million & one things to get back up & rolling. So I thought I would put them all out so I wouldn’t forget them, lol.

  1. Put the Galleries back up………………………………. 100% completed
  2. Put the pages back up…………………………………..100% completed
  3. Put the Owned Designs back up………………………..100% completed
  4. Put Americana & Pirate up for sale……………………..10% completed
  5. Fix my QBee Quilt to match this site……………………0% completed
  6. Fix the Book Suggestion pages for Pages………………5% completed
  7. Get the galleries on CBF done……………………………9% completed

I know that to most people this wouldn’t seem like a whole of things to do, but to me this is a huge list. LOL, so I guess I better buckle down & get things done. :worried: