What I have been doing?

So what have I been up to? A lot. On August 1st, I had these babies put in: I have a very small mouth & my natural teeth came in crowded & not a good fit. One dentist informed me that I have a 7-year old mouth size that a full adult size set of … [Read more…]

Vacation Time

Well, the house sitter is set, the kids are settled in. So it is vacation time. Dad & I are going to Tulsa, OK for our end of tax season break. Yeah, I know we were going to go to Denver, CO but the cost of that trip would have been more then it was … [Read more…]

This Week & Part of Last Week

I have had the week from hell. If it could go wrong I think it did. Here is what happened. Saturday: My anxiety & agoraphobia decided to go into double time. Couldn’t eat all day due to the panic attacks & nausea. Sunday: Anxiety & agoraphobia after effects all day. Dad isn’t listening to me … [Read more…]

Sometimes I love JoAnn's

My father looked up from his laptop & asked me what I would do for a 50% off coupon from JoAnn’s? I told him that I would not tackle him & hack into his email. He laughed & told me that he had one & I should probably check my email. So I stole his … [Read more…]

Cause I love to make you think…..

Here is another set of song lyrics. Yep, it is country, but the song is completely true. You want a relationship to work, this song is on the right track. I was raised to believe that women were not better or worse then a man, but they should be cherished & respected. As should the … [Read more…]