I have been diagnosed with severe Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Anxiety Disorder, & Agoraphobia. For those of you that know me this isn’t anything new. I thought I would […]

Well, the house sitter is set, the kids are settled in. So it is vacation time. Dad & I are going to Tulsa, OK for our end of tax season […]

I have had the week from hell. If it could go wrong I think it did. Here is what happened. Saturday: My anxiety & agoraphobia decided to go into double […]

My father looked up from his laptop & asked me what I would do for a 50% off coupon from JoAnn’s? I told him that I would not tackle him […]

Here is another set of song lyrics. Yep, it is country, but the song is completely true. You want a relationship to work, this song is on the right track. […]