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New Theme, New Pages

Well, as you can tell there is a new theme. I really like the style of this one, so it might actually last a while also. I know I said I had one coded & I do, but I haven’t felt up to turning the HTML over to WP code. So until I feel up to that it isn’t going to happen. But this one is nice and calming. Nothing too flashy & I don’t have to come up with any graphic work.

Oh, you want to know what I have been doing for the past few weeks or months? Well, we (my parents & I) are clearing my room, it has been used for storage for the last five years, at their house. I am going to have to move back home for the safety of my health. I have been falling too much & my pain is getting to the point where I am unable to make it over to my house. For the last two months I have only been managing one night a week at my house & the rest at my parents. So we have been cleaning.

Online I have gotten sucked into my Neopets again. Not that I have ever really left them, but I have gotten to where I am enjoying it more then I used to. So I have actually been creating graphics & coding for my pets there. No, I don’t care if you dislike Neopets. I enjoy it.

As for my stitching, I have uploaded new pictures to the UMW Keychains (if you are interested), created two new pages for my two new Halloween projects. click on the “Hallo” for one & “ween” for the other

Isn’t this just the cutest thing ever? It is actually a MP3 holder for the Ipods. I am going to make it with tans instead of yellows. Then I think I may make another one for a certain owl liker that I know in blues. But then she never visits or makes comments so she may not want one. wonders if she will figure out to come here I have the fabric & the felt. Just have to pick up the floss in four shades & find buttons for the eyes. That shouldn’t be too hard. Might get to play 50,000 button pick up again. I inherited Grandmother’s button jars & there are tons of buttons in it. Who knows I may enjoy it so much I may stitch three, lol. Since I have a portable sewing machine that can handle light weight work, more things are open for me to do. Geesh, I sound like an excited school girl.

I have been sucked also into that beautiful world of music. So far my ears have been dancing to Lady Gaga & Enrique Iglesias. So I have been dancing in my chair at Mom’s office & at Dad’s office. Since I have finally gotten Mom & Dad to use GTalk we can actually talk to each other without having to use the bloody phones & money. So I get to keep my music on all the time without worrying that I will miss a call. I love it. Though I am sure that those following my isn’t cause I tend to listen to the same few songs over & over.


I do everything to music. You can tell what type of mood I am in just by the music I am listening to. At the moment, I am stuck without being able to purchase new music & having to rent the music I want from the library or listening to it online. Nothing wrong with that, but it sucks when you don’t have a connection, lol. This is the one that I am squealing over at the moment:

I Like It – Enrique Iglesias

Video from Enrique Iglesias’ website

Ignore the simple fact that I have a huge size crush :luv: on the man & think he is as sexy as hell, but moving on. I really enjoy his music & he has put out three albums that I haven’t been able to get yet.
I am not huge on dancing in public, but get me alone & I will move just like those women in the video. Even though I don’t have the figure for it, lol. His music always makes me move. This is how I get my exercise when I feel up to it.

Can You hear Me – Enrique Iglesias

Video from Enrique Iglesias’ website

This one just makes me want to jump up & down all the time. I usually wind up singing this one at the top of my lungs. I shocked the hell out of Jock the first time it came on the radio in his Mountaineer & I started dancing to it. See, I can even shock the man who has known me for over ten years. Imagine how many more surprises I have up my sleeves for you all, lol.

Though Jock now says that since I actually know how to dance he is going to take me clubbing. What the hell is that? I never was with the “popular” group in school nor in my younger age. If you haven’t guessed Jock is younger then me & still likes to “play”. So help. What is this that he is threatening me with? Forgive me if I am “dumb”.