In The Year....2015

Did you get the song reference?1 I wanna know that I am not the only one that knows this song, lol. So I thought I would do a year in […]

I came across this article via my twitter feed. Is it rude to knit in public? – HowStuffWorks — WEBS Yarn Store (@websyarn) July 27, 2015 So I went […]

Whoa! It has been a very long time since I put up a knitting post. It changes now! LOL! B asked me to make a scarf that would transform into […]

So I was knitting on my Celestarium at the office the other day. A fellow part-time knitter came in & was looking at the picture & the chart & asked: […]

***CLICK TO SEE PICTURES FULL SIZE*** As you all know I love to knit. I even dabble in crochet every blue moon. There are a few tools that make knitting […]

So I realized that I needed a few more things for my knitting. I needed more stitch markers that were the ring type, I wanted to try a new interchangeable […]


As you all are aware I am a major crafter. I know how to knit, crochet, cross stitch, quilt, tat, latch hook, embroidery, & several other crafting skills. Since I […]

I am afraid that I may be forgetting something. So I thought I would list all my to-dos for Grace & Jessica. Just need them to make sure I have […]

Let’s start with the knitting shall we? So I have been knitting my fingers off & I have actually gotten a shawl done & started another shawl & a blanket. […]

So my father got re-married last Saturday(12-21-13). He spent Friday night in Springfield while I stayed at the house with B. Instead of a nice quiet calm evening & night, […]

I honestly, don’t know how much I will update right now. At least not until the move is over & completed. Between planning the wedding, getting things ready to move, […]

I know, I know it has been ages since I got one of these typed up. To be honest, I don’t really feel like doing it today, but I will […]