Celestarium WIP

So I was knitting on my Celestarium at the office the other day. A fellow part-time knitter came in & was looking at the picture & the chart & asked:

How do you manage to keep things in order & not lose your place? You put it down & pick it up all the time & I don’t see how you don’t lose your place.

I figured that if I got one question on how I do it, then there are probably others that want to know also. So I shall spill my techniques for keeping track of where I am & how I never (or rarely) lose my spot.

This is a picture of the chart for Celestarium. All credit for the design & such goes to Audry Nicklin. None of it is my doing. So you see all the circle & slashes? Yep, those are special stitches that have to be placed correctly. So how do I manage to handle putting the shawl down often? Simple. I’ll show you.

First, you find a suitable pattern holder. In this instance, Shiloh is being a sweetheart & holding the chart for me. Otherwise I use my magnetic chart holder (this one) or I lay it on top of my laptop keyboard & use a ruler to show my lines. Once I get done with one page (one round is spread over multiple pages) I put a line through the section that I just did. You can see the lines on the paper that is showing what round number I am on.

Next is the fun part. If you look at a knitting chart grid there will be bold lines & non-bold lines. Normally, the bold lines mark 10 stitches. So if you look at the photo on the left you will notice I have three different types of markers & then two different color of the ringers *I threw some of the triangles in so that the silver ringers were more noticeable). Here is how I do it. Look at the right photo above. You will notice that I have silver ringers (or triangles) every ten (10) stitches. You will also see a purple removable stitch marker hanging off of one of the silver ringers. That purple marker is telling me that is where 100 stitches is at. Then you notice the brown (bronze) ringer. That one tells me that I have finished one section (or page) of the chart. Sounds complicated right? It is setting it up sometimes, but I have yet to get lost in my pattern. If I forget where I am at then all I have to do is count the silver ringers from the section start & I know right where I am. When I have to double the stitches then I just add more silver or brown markers where they need to go. I have done this for the entire WIP & I have yet to lose my place. There is one final thing you don’t necessarily need it, but it is helpful & funner if you have it. You can even have more than one if you are up to it.

Helpers!!! Yep, it is fun to have them sitting by you while you knit. Allie is a wonderful helper. She is there to give me kisses of encouragement & cuddles when I need them.

So that is how I am working with Celestarium or any big project that has a lot of stitches or patterns in it. Hope this helps anyone that may need it.

Stitch Markers


As you all know I love to knit. I even dabble in crochet every blue moon. There are a few tools that make knitting easier. One of those is the adorable stitch marker.

Stitch Marker: a mnemonic device used to distinguish important locations on a work in progress. Knitting & crochet patterns have a mathematical basis, so stitch markers serve as a visual reference that takes the place of continuous stitch counting and reduces a crafter’s error rate.

Ok, so I am going to go into how I name them & what my opinion of each type that I have. These are the names I call them & I am not sure if it is the “norm” name for them.

From left to right: Closed soft marker, tri markers, closed dangles, ringers, & safety pins

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Kansas City Vacation 2014

Ok, I went on vacation last week. We all (D, B, & myself) went to Kansas City for the weekend. Not a horrible trip, but not that exciting either. I have been to Kansas City quite a bit growing up so there isn’t much there that either I haven’t seen or want to see. I needed to get away & the only way I get to do that is if I go with them. My mental issues won’t let me go by myself very far. Anyhoo, I thought I would share some photos of our trip.

We went cause the Kansas City Union Station has a King Tut exhibit going on & I adore all thing ancient Egypt. My father took all of the pictures of the exhibit & I have not gotten them off his camera. So the only pictures I have at the moment are the one I took at the The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art on Sunday. Let me give you a bit of advice. If you go there plan on eating at the Rozzelle Court Restaurant. It is expensive, but I have never had a bad tasting item there. I had a Potato & mushroom egg casserole with fresh fruit & 3 slices of bacon. D & B had Smoked Ribeye, Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms, Blue Cheese on Roasted Garlic
Bread. Trust me, this was worth every penny. But my meal was $10 & theirs totaled $12. So yeah, it is a $30 or more lunch, but it is wonderful.

Before I show my pictures, realize that I take pictures in art museum for inspiration in my knitting. Either texture, color, or style. So they may not make any sense to you why I took them. My pictures are as follows:

My favorite thing is always the gift shop. So many interesting things & trinkets. This is what I got. I know I didn’t need the fortune cats, but I love them.

On Saturday night we went to New Peking Restaurant. The three of us love chinese food & so it wasn’t a horrible surprise that we agreed to eat there. It is a little hole in the wall, but it was worth going. B & I got sweet & sour chicken & D got General (I think) chicken. The cutest thing was what they did with the ginger decoration. Isn’t it cute?

My Yarn Haul

As always I went to a yarn store. We didn’t think we would have time to hit both, but we did. All three for the first one, Yarn Shop & More, & then just Dad & I for the second one, The Studio, while B took a nap.

Most of the yarn in these pictures are for B’s socks. She has decided that she wants socks & I need the practice making them. The one picture with three skeins in it is for me a warmer shawl. The two pictures of the weird-looking yarn (#7 & #8 – top to bottom left to right) is actually chenille yarn. I am going to make B a cowl with the one that is more orange & brown & I think fingerless gloves for me out of the other one or a cowl with it. The white yarn & purple yarn in the second to last picture. The white yarn is yak & silk, the purple is 100% mink. The softness in each of these is why they were bought. I have a cowl planned for the purple & a lace shawl for the white. The very last picture shows The Knitter’s Tool Tin. I got the one in green lace. I have wanted one for a while & decided to get it.

That is it for my vacation until I get the pictures off Dad’s camera to show you the King Tut exhibit. I will try to do that sometime this week, but no promises.

Knitting And Crochet Blog Week : Day Seven : Looking Back, Looking Forward

If you took part in last year’s Knitting & Crochet Blog Week, look back on your Day Seven post. Did any of the techniques, ideas and hopes for the last 12 months that you wrote about at that time ever make it onto the hook or needles? Did anyone cast on and complete the project researched in last year’s Day 2 post?

And there is also time to look forward again: One year from now, when the 6th Knitting & Crochet Blog Week rolls around, where do you hope your crafting will have taken you to? What new skills, projects and experiences do you hope you might have conquered or tried? Do you have any wishes for your blogging that you’d like to follow?

Whelp, I looked back & I haven’t done a single one of my goals. I still haven’t got caught up & am dangerously close to getting behind once again. null

So this year, I am not going to make any goals or wants. I am just going to be happy with whatever I get accomplished I will be happy with. I do not do this as a job to make money (though I do make things on commission) I do this because I enjoy knitting. If I am completely adsorbed in trying to reach goals it no longer is fun or enjoyable. So I am not setting any this year. null

Knitting And Crochet Blog Week : Day Six : Views Of Others, Views Of Yourself

Write about another knitter or crocheter that you admire. This could be someone you know or used to know – an aunt that taught you to crochet or the school-teacher that used to run the after-school learn-to-knit club, or someone who you are aware of because of blogging or other areas of social media. Write about your feelings either for their work or what they bring to you as a knitter or crocheter. Reminiscences of the sound of your mother’s metal needles, or the description your grandad gave of what he’d knit as he sat on his bunk below deck in his sailor’s days are as precious as sharing the enjoyment of the work of a new indie designer or dyer. Spread your enjoyment to your readers.

I can’t really think of one certain person that I admire for crafting so I think I will just list the ones that I admire.

  1. My mother: she is the one that taught me to crochet, bead, & embroider.

  2. My Grandmother Kaup: she is the one that taught me my love of crafting while teaching me how to quilt.

  3. Mrs. Betty Ebert: for helping me get through high school & teaching me that sewing my own clothes can be kinda fun.

  4. Jessica: She makes & designs the prettiest crochet blankets, plus she is always willing to help me when I derp up or need help. Also she is one hell of a minecraft player! She is wonderful at letting me rant & rave at her.

  5. Grace: Same as Jessica. She makes a wonderful blanket & crocheted items. She is also making knitting items. She is wonderful at letting me rant & rave at her.