Pineapple Afghan CAL- Post 1

Don’t faint anyone, I have actually managed to crochet two squares. I know it is shocking! LOL, just kidding. Surprisingly, I understand crochet more than I do knitting, but I prefer to knit then crochet. Weird I know, but that is me. So I made on square & then thought it might be helpful if … [Read more…]

CAL Time (Crochet Along)

Jessica is hosting a CAL (Crochet Along). Now before you say anything about this being a knitting blog, if you will look in the archives, I do crochet also. To quote Jessica’s post about the CAL: There are two (2) options for this CAL, but first let’s run through some beginning stuff: COLORS – The … [Read more…]

Christmas Presents

Whew! I got all my presents completed in the middle of November.  Now all that is left is to work on my stuff.  So I have a Hap shawl (Hapish), a lace circular (Queen Anne’s Lace) shawl & then I got an order for three knitted & three crochet dishcloths.  So how are all of … [Read more…]

This Summer

I plan on using my “sense of touch” to the extreme level, lol. :dance: :dance: I just re-learned how to knit so I am still working on that (remembering why I hate it). Plus I have about two crochet projects going on that I want to complete. Then my biggest project is of course Frederick. … [Read more…]

Whew! Slow Down Life

Everything is moving so fast. I don’t know how to keep up. Dad & I are getting used to being without Mom *hate it*. The worst part is that we are both the type of person that “goes with the flow” & so choosing where to go or where to eat is difficult because both … [Read more…]

So much…

to tell & show you so this is going to be another long post. There is going to be lots of photos also. So sit back and get ready. :p :p I know this theme isn’t actually “new”, but I was tired of the dark one & the one that I coded up wouldn’t transfer … [Read more…]

Crochet, Cross Stitch, & Misc.

Ok, this post is picture intense so it may load a little slow. I have finished & started new projects on both crocheting & cross stitching, so it is picture time. Pulled Taffy Hat & Scarf I had planned to make this set for myself, but when I got the scarf finished it was too … [Read more…]

Lots of Crochet

When it is cold & my fingers get cold I can’t cross stitch very easy, so I crochet which still hurts, but since the hooks are bigger then the needles so they don’t hurt as much. So that is why I have been crocheting more then cross stitching. Unless I can keep my hands completely … [Read more…]