Weekly Totals 05/25/15 – 05/31/15

Not to shabby this week. I expect the current week is going to see greater distance walked & more steps. I have found that I can walk around the entire block without stopping or being in great pain. Now Total Steps: 16,961 Daily Average: 2,423 Total Distance: 7.52 miles Total Floors Climbed: 4 Total Calories … [Read more…]

Food Diary 04-11-15

Calorie Intake: 1500 or below HA!  Didn’t happen by a long shot. Failed horribly today. Honestly, I don’t care.  I wanted every bit that I ate & don’t feel guilty about it.   Breakfast Description Calories Carbs  Coffee  2  0  Carnation Instant Nonfat Dry Milk, 3 tbsp  45  7 Total  47  7 Lunch Description Calories … [Read more…]

Surgery Update

Ok, I have not gotten the surgery yet. I am still waiting on approval from Medicaid & the surgeons. I don’t see any issue with it being approved though. I have the agreements of my primary care & shrink for the surgery. I am hoping for surgery the first part of May. B & D … [Read more…]

Big Changes

I had a shock last week. I went to my psychologist for my three-month check-in. (She wants to make sure I am not any crazier then I was before, lol) Part of the appointment is getting vitals. I hadn’t stepped on a scale for about two weeks, so I wasn’t horribly worried. I knew I … [Read more…]