I did a doozy last week. I broke my damn bed. How did I manage that one? Simple, I bent the damn frame until it separated at the joins. When […]

I honestly, don’t know how much I will update right now. At least not until the move is over & completed. Between planning the wedding, getting things ready to move, […]

I know, I know it has been ages since I got one of these typed up. To be honest, I don’t really feel like doing it today, but I will […]

Today I thought I would do something different. So I have invited a guest to make a post. Just not the type of guest most would imagine I would do. […]

We live in the country in a house that is over a hundred years old. That means, that the house is not that great on installation & it can be […]

February 24, 2000 – July 24, 2012 (12 wonderful years) ShadoeRoc ShadoeRoc ShadoeRoc ShadoeRoc ShadoeRoc This goofy loveable dog was my ShadoeRoc. I got him at nine weeks old from […]

I just wanted to pop in & tell everyone thank you for all your wonderful words on the loss of my Candi. I am feeling better, though I still miss […]

I cam home last night about 9:30pm & found that Candi could not move her back legs. I could tell she had feeling in them, but she couldn’t move them. […]

Whew! It has been hectic this past week. I thought everything was going to go slowly, but it decided to go like a speeding whirlwind, lol. But some good things […]