Can’t Decide…Help?

I have in my possession two cardigan patterns. I like both of them, but I am only making one right now. I can not figure out which one I want to make. So could you give me your opinion?

Retreating Cardigan

This one starts from a shrug like garment & you pick up the stitches along the back to knit down. This one is good, cause I can make it as long as I want (wonderful) & the shrug is quite simple to make. The only thing that is dragging me down is the fact that I will have to do wraps & turns, pick up stitches, & hopefully get the measurements. There will be no cables in my, just straight ribbing all the way.

Pinwheel Cardigan

This one is basically a giant circle that you put afterthought arms into. This is the simplest one, but I am afraid that I would go crazy with the size of the circle I would need to make. I have a big butt & big belly, I like to cover those up. Plus, with a big bust I am afraid that the circle would hang down to my knees before I got it big enough for me to feel comfortable.

Which ever one I choose will be made with worsted weight gray (charcoal) colored yarn. I have not bought the yarn yet, so I can freely choose either. I will be swatching for both of them so that I don’t have to worry.

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  1. I like them both! I love that you are still actively crafting — it makes me happy to hear that my friends aren’t letting life keep them from their loves/hobbies

    My only thought for advice would be… how long will it take you to knit one of these? Because if you finish just around the winter months it looks like the 2nd one would be much warmer/of more use immediately, and you could wear it out — but the 1st one seems like it might be good for lounging around the house, or early spring coldness.
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