CAL Time (Crochet Along)

Jessica is hosting a CAL (Crochet Along). Now before you say anything about this being a knitting blog, if you will look in the archives, I do crochet also.

To quote Jessica’s post about the CAL:

There are two (2) options for this CAL, but first let’s run through some beginning stuff:

  • COLORS – The blankets I am thinking of can be either worked with one color or multiple colors. I will be using one color though.
  • TIME – I was thinking of doing a square every 2 weeks. There are a lot of CALs out there going on and I don’t want to burden people by a time line of doing the squares weekly. We would start April 1, 2014 and do another square every 2 weeks from that date. It would end sometime in September 2014.
  • SIZE – The squares will be for 12 Inches. We will do no more than 12 squares. That means your blanket before edging (after putting the squares together) would be 4 foot by 3 foot.
    That all seems pretty easy to do. The blanket would be the perfect size for a lapghan that you can keep or give away. Also if we follow the time frame you will have time to put it together – even if you are behind – before the Holidays approach.

So what 2 designs where you thinking of you may be asking? One has 12 different designs and one has the same design for each square.

Choice One

Calendar Afghan by April Moreland
This blanket was designed throughout the year of 2009. Each month April designed a square to go with the theme of that month. The list of squares can be found on this page. If you would like to see what each square would look like in one color or multiple colors you can find April on Ravelry as CrochetAmore and you can find her designs on Ravelry here.

Choice Two

Pineapple Afghan
I found this blanket while looking through Grace’s project page on Ravelry. This blanket uses 1 square design. It makes a beautiful blanket. You can see what others have done on Ravelry by looking at projects made from this square.

If you are interested in this CAL & I hope you are go vote on your choice of projects here.

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