Commenting Policy

I swore up and down that I wouldn’t make use of any commenting policy: EVER. Then again, I’m a woman and as such expected to have sudden changes of heart/mind.

<h4>Commenting Process</h4>

<li>All first time comments (based on IP address) are placed into moderation by default.</li>
<li>In 99.99% of the cases your comment(s) will show up.</li>
<li>Watch your language, I reserve the right to change your cuss words to appropriate language for a 9 year old.</li>
<li>If I leave your comment(s) in moderation, it means that I consider it a type of spam, or that it contains personal information not meant for the general public.</li>
<li>If I banned your IP… don’t you feel special?</li>

<h4>Further Notes</h4>

<li>Yes, I can be a bitch & no I rarely take it as an insult.</li>
<li>I strongly encourage you to write any kind of reviews about me/my site.</li>
<li>As rewarding as it is to sit here and keep track of your comments, I can’t afford to do it 24/7.</li>
<li>I’m most probably not jealous of you. Being me comes naturally to me.</li>
<li>If you don’t like something I wrote or don’t agree with me then you are free to leave your opinion, but don’t expect me to change mine or share yours.</li>
<li>A hoe is a gardening tool or a Korean dish.</li>