Hmm… well I am a little weird & a little crazy.  None the less, I am always friendly.  I am very loyal to my friends & I expect them to do the same.  I am a finicky eater that does her best to not be one, lol.  I also am an avid reader that would love to have a Sony reader, Kindle, or Nook.  Don’t really care which one, just one of them so I can expand my reading collections to the stars, lol.  At the present count I have over 5000 books in my personal library & I usually add more every week.  Though my cross stitch chart library is gaining ground in size.

I do have a severe anxiety disorder that prevents me from doing most things people do.  It is a fight for me to even leave the house everyday.  The littlest things can spin me into a full panic attack.  Just watching a movie in theaters will spin me into one. I am on medication to try and make them not so bad, but it doesn’t always work.  Due to this anxiety is why I do not have a job & some days seem quite “out of it”.

I have a seizure disorder that makes me forget things & so sometimes I will forget to do things I have said that I will do. The doctors do not know why or what is causing the seizures so they do not know how to control them.  So basically I am just trying to survive each & every day.  The Doctors don’t really want to send me for tons of test because there is no way I can afford to pay for the tests to be completed.  Since I have no insurance & am self-pay, hospitals don’t like me either.  In my opinion, health insurance companies are rip-off artists anyway so I don’t really like them.

I am very opinionated & to be quite honest, I really don’t care if you agree with me or not.  This is my site & I pay for all the hosting & such that goes into it.  So I get to put what I want on it.  I give you the right to make your comments & I will post those comments even if they don’t go along with my opinion.  All I ever ask is that the comments are more then just cussing me out.  I have never “sugar coated” anything in my entire life.  I wasn’t brought up that way.  I tell it like it is.  If I don’t like something I will tell you.  Don’t like it, then that is your problem, not mine.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

My parents & I are very close so they are talked about a lot in this blog.  What can I say?  I was raised in the boonies where the nearest child my age was 15 minutes away & while we did go to school together she had chores & things to do just like I did.  So as I grew up, my mother, father, & grandparents became my best friends.  I grew up very mature & non-understanding of others my age.  Needless to say, I didn’t get along very well with the rest of my classmates.  While they were out going to parties, going to football games, cruising, etc.  I was at home with my family & enjoying my time alone.  In my personal opinion, parties are boring, football games are fun but people don’t like it when you get in to it & start screaming for your team so I don’t go anymore, & cruising is just a waste of money & gas so that is just plain stupid to me. Anyhoo, my mother became my closest friend & she still is one of my dearest friends that I have.  Let me tell you, it isn’t easy to be your daughter’s best friend & mother, but she manages.  I don’t know how but she does.

I also have an adopted little girl that I do talk about every now & then.  Not very often cause I don’t like having children on the internet.  But she is the reason why there are very few cuss words on the site.  Though she knows every one of them (thanks to her adopted father) I don’t choose to encourage her to think that cussing is mainstream & allowed in public.  That is why I ask that you watch what you say when you comment.

Things I Like

  • Reading
  • Counted Cross Stitch
  • My four legged children
  • Hot cups of spice chia tea
  • CSI (all of them)
  • Criminal Minds
  • The Mentalist
  • Dexter
  • The Tudors
  • Tigers & Snow Leopards
  • Most big cats except the lion

Things I Dislike

  • Liars
  • People who say one thing then do another
  • Haters
  • Brussell Sprouts
  • People who can’t accept me for who I am
  • Animal Abusers (put in a cell & throw away the key)