Yep, I think the coding bug is hitting me again. So I think I will re-make this site & use my own design this time. Easier to change & no worries about updates, lol. So stay tuned & I will come up with a new design.


Just to make sure you realize that I am heterosexual, I just rarely find men that don’t irritate the living hell out of me. I have no problem with homosexuals & I do have quite a few offline & online friends that are homosexuals. I call them hetro or homo with no insult intended as … [Read more…]


I have to go to a psychologist & psychiatrist as per my primary care doctor. I see the psychologist every week & the shrink every month. Ok, I can understand the shrink (even though I do not like it) so I can get refills on my medications. But the psychologist is about to get told … [Read more…]