Ranting Time

I am very upset, so in order to move beyond it, I have to blow it. I got word from my attorney that I needed to get a physican’s form filled out for my pseudo seizures. Ummm….hello! The seizures are from my other problems. But the judge wasn’t interested in that. So I had an … [Read more…]

What is this?

SQUEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! I know what it is. My Yarn is finally here. Yay!!!! So without further ado, here is what I got: Hev’s Douceur For my shawl I am going to use the pattern: Douceur {pattern} {Designer} The black, dark grey, & light grey are the main colors & the pink is my accent color. I … [Read more…]

Finally Finished

After about five (5) months I have finally gotten finished with Meggan’s son’s overalls. If you remember from this post (Found my test subject), I am borrowing Meggan’s son, Wesley, for this knit. The goal was to see if I could actually create clothing. Since I was a “new” knitter I wasn’t for sure that … [Read more…]

Disability Hearing

I had my last hearing on the sixth of this month. Already I have received my verdict. Not disabled. What the hell? I was sitting in the courtroom having panic attacks & I even knew my lawyer. I have just about reached my breaking point with this. I can’t work, but yet according to the … [Read more…]