To-Do List

I just looked at my To-Do list & I am just about overwhelmed with it all, lol. For all pattern links you will need to be logged into Ravelry. Wesley’s Overalls – 80% finished – pattern Wesley’s Cardigan – going on the back burner & then knit at a larger size – pattern Jerratt’s Baby … [Read more…]


Ok, I know I don’t normally bring up religion & such, but when I cam across this, I thought it was a wonderful point. I honestly believe that there is One God, no matter what you call him. Whether it be Buddah, Allah, or God, it is the same entity. Also, I don’t agree with … [Read more…]

Computer Problems

Well, I think I destroyed mom’s laptop, so until I can get my system back up or get a new one, updates will be very random. So far tonight mine is working fine, but it is not a reliable system anymore.