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Knitting Porn & Moth Pics

Whew! It has been hectic this past week. I thought everything was going to go slowly, but it decided to go like a speeding whirlwind, lol. But some good things have come from it. We finally know that Mom is going to Christian Health Care East in Springfield, MO & she will be moved on Wednesday October 4, 2011. Now whether she thinks it is a good thing or not I don’t know. But she refuses to work with therapy & I am not going to ask that Select Hospital keep her if she won’t work. So she gets moved. Hopefully, she will remain at Christian Health Care East for the rest of her life. If she comes home then I will have to move out which Dad says he won’t accept. Big long story behind it, but the short part is: Most of my “problems” are due to Mom & the way she treated me & took care of me. So Dad says she won’t come home unless we both are leaving. Don’t get me wrong, I am still having problems & am unable to hold down a job, but my seizures have almost completely quit (stress) & my panic attacks are not as bad. Since I don’t have my trigger I can manage them, but not enough to manage my own life or live by myself. I doubt if I will ever be able to do that. But Dad says that is fine & I can remain with him.

Needles 1
What could this be? From Knitpicks? Oooh…..I know what it is!!! My needles & cables have finally made it. I get to make hats & socks now.

Needles 2
My beautiful new US 9, US 7, US 15, & US 11 (from left to right) needle tips.

Needles 3
Another shot of the US 11 tips & my US 7 16 inch circular needle (hats & Wesley’s overalls).

Needles 4
This is my US 3 47 inch circular needle for making socks. The tips kept unscrewing from the cable, so I figured that I would get a fixed needle to prevent that.

Needles 5
My new 32 inch cable & 60 inch cable. Yep, 60 inches from needle tip to needle tip. Got it mainly for when I make shawls, I am already almost at the end of my 47 inch cable that I am using for Mom’s shawl (it won’t fit in my camera lens anymore, lol).

Think I am finished? Guess again. Remember the categories are like my tags. There is still the animals section, lol. :yikes:

Dad & I were coming out of Select Hospital the other night when I noticed this little guy on one of the columns. My version of capturing wild animals is always with the camera so here is some moth porn.

Ok, now I am finished. As always be careful & have fun.