Mother Update

The following entry is quite emotional & some of you may not want to read it. If you do remember I never promise to be the loving, gentle person. I earned my nickname of “Cold-Hearted Bitch” for a reason. My mother taught it to me very well. Mom is about the same. They were supposed … [Read more…]

Yarn! & other items

This is what I get to see everyday as I pull out of my driveway. Isn’t it pretty? This post is pic heavy of big pics! I managed to go to Hobby Lobby, JoAnns, & Wal-Mart in Springfield all by myself with only one minor panic problem. :dance: So I am pretty proud of myself … [Read more…]

Found my test subject

If you follow me on twitter you know I have commented off & on about making clothing for me with knitting. I want to make cardigan & a full length skirt for myself. If nothing else the cardigan, I love them, but I can never find one exactly the way I want them. So I … [Read more…]

Ok, moved

I have gotten everything moved to Clook hosting away from holdfire. I am not even going to get into the nightmare it was to get Holdfire to let go of my domains plus they thought they would hold the site info until I paid for this month’s hosting fees. But the Importer for WordPress did … [Read more…]

An Extra Kiss Good Night – Kleenex Alert!

I am sorry, I bawled, but was moved. This needed to be re-blogged. They Told Me His Name Was Reggie They told me the big black Lab’s name was Reggie as I looked at him lying in his pen. The shelter was clean, no-kill, and the people really friendly. I’d only been in the area … [Read more…]