Well, the hospital moved mom to Select hospital for re-hab. At Select they are a 55 bed hospital that is rehab based. It is like a boot camp. You are expected to get up twice a day & move. Mom is not big on moving or sitting up. She basically wants to lie in bed … [Read more…]

Knit Picks Review

Ok, as most of you know I recently ordered the “Try It” Needle Set from Knit Picks(KP) along with about six skeins of yarn to make the $50 for free shipping. Two of those skeins were sock yarn for Dad, two skeins of cotton for dishcloths, & two skeins for me. With the “Try It” … [Read more…]

My Weight Loss

Well, you all should know by now that I am an overweight woman. Now I am not going to sit here & bash myself telling you that I hate myself or my curves. Hell no, I love every inch of my curves. They are, every inch of them very dear to me. They made me … [Read more…]

Quick Note

Hee, hee on of the reasons I love this template is the simple fact that I can change the header image as much as I want or even make it change on every page. Guess what? It now has about 10 or 12 different images to rotate through on the pages. Enjoy them. Just remember … [Read more…]

Needle Roll (knitting)

The only good thing that has come from Mom being in the hospital is the crafting time. I have been looking for a knitting needle case for about the past month. No luck under $50, which I am not going to pay. So, I need to practice anyway, I make my own. I have three … [Read more…]

Knitting Patterns

Look at this. Isn’t it simply to die for? I really need a baby to knit & crochet for. I love the colors how the grey & the pinks mix. It just makes me want to knit it up, but I don’t have anyone to give it to. Though I would pay the $8.44 & … [Read more…]